Matted Shih Tzu Is Unrecognizable After Being Freed From 6 Pounds Of Hair

Matted Shih Tzu

Simon the Shih Tzu didn’t even look like a dog on the day he was rescued. The poor pup weighed 20 pounds, and about 6 and a half of it was severely matted hair. It must’ve taken years for it to get that bad, but now, he finally gets to feel free. KC Pet Project took in the neglected dog and helped him feel healthy again. Along the way, Simon has also become a social media star! People are lining … Read more

91 Dogs And 21 Cats Rescued From Filthy, Neglectful Household

WARNING: Images and videos might be disturbing to some readers.  The Humane Society of Washington County in Maryland took in around 817 pets in 2020. Now, in only one day, they brought in about 12% of that number. They rescued 112 dogs and cats from an unsanitary household where their grooming needs were clearly neglected. Thanks to the kind donations of supportive dog lovers, all these scared pets are finally getting the care they need. It has been a difficult … Read more

171 Dogs Rescued From South Korea’s Meat Trade Arrive In U.S. To Find Homes

171 dogs on track to eventually be eaten by humans in South Korea have been saved and brought to the United States as part of a rescue operation coordinated by Humane Society International. The dogs had been raised as commodities in the South Korean meat trade—meat that humans would eventually consume. The Animal And Dog Meat Trade Experts estimate that over 2 million dogs are raised to be eaten on thousands of dog meat farms across South Korea. This lucky … Read more

Homeless Labrador Becomes Superstar Search And Rescue Dog

Just last year, Forrest the labrador retriever was homeless. But now, thanks to the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation and Farmers Insurance, he’s a dog with a job.  Last August, Forrest began training to become a certified search and rescue dog. After months and months of hard work, he graduated from his program this past weekend alongside four other talented pups.  He also found a forever home in the process. Forrest will be living with first responder Tom Simons of … Read more

Sweetest Senior Golden Saved From Dog Meat Festival

Ahead of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China, dozens of dogs are safe now due to one rescue organization’s hard work — including the sweetest senior golden retriever. Every June in China, thousands of innocent dogs are sent to slaughter because people consume dog meat to mark the summer solstice. Before they are killed for food, dogs are kept in tiny wire cages and transported without food or water for days. Sadly, some don’t even survive the trip to … Read more

Mama Dog Abandoned Outside Shelter With Chain Embedded In Her Neck

An animal shelter in Alabama is searching for whoever left a dog tied up to the door outside their shelter in the middle of the night.  On the night of May 10, at around 9 p.m. local time, the Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter was dark and quiet. That’s when two people in a car drove up in the parking lot and abandoned a dog there. If that wasn’t bad enough, the sweet mama dog was left in horrible condition with … Read more

Lab Abandoned In Desert Is One Of Many Unlucky Pandemic Pups

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, dog adoptions increased. Many shelters were emptied due to so many people working from home. But now that many families are returning to their regular jobs, the pandemic pups are suffering. Colby the two-year-old Labrador Retriever is one of the many dogs left behind as restrictions are lifted. And while some families do the responsible thing by taking their dog to a rescue or shelter, Colby’s family did not. They left him alone … Read more

Pit Bulls Take Over Instagram To Reclaim Their Image

Pit Bull influencers

Pit Bulls are some of the sweetest, most charming creatures you’ll ever meet. But sadly, not everyone sees them that way. For decades, Pit Bull type dogs have been known as “mean,” “aggressive,” and “scary.” Yet, anyone who’s lived with a Pit Bull knows this couldn’t be further from the truth. So, Pit Bull influencers are turning to Instagram to change the way the world sees these dogs. With one cute post at a time, these social media famous pups … Read more

Overlooked Shelter Dog Becomes Police Department’s First K9 In Decades

Arrow the Belgian Malinois waited at the Burlington County Animal Shelter for eight months. His temperament made him difficult in a home setting and not suitable to become a service dog or emotional support dog. But as it turns out, he has the perfect personality for a police dog. So, the shelter matched Arrow with Southhampton’s Police Department. They hadn’t had a police K9 for 50 or 60 years, but they’re overjoyed to have one now. Arrow quickly adjusted to … Read more

Sweetest Senior Dog Has Been Waiting 7 Years For His Forever Home

Think about how much has happened in your life in the past seven years. That’s how long one dog at League for Animal Welfare in Ohio has been living in a shelter, longing for his forever home.  Mica is a 10-year-old pointer and labrador mix — and he has been in the care of the shelter since November 30, 2014. As countless other dogs have left the shelter and gone onto their forever homes, poor Mica has just watched the … Read more

Maternity Ward For Rescue Dogs Saves Thousands Of Moms And Pups

Maternity ward for dogs

No one can resist the sweet faces of a puppy litter! But sadly, many rescue puppies never get the chance to feel the love. Many kill shelters are forced to euthanize pregnant dogs due to a lack of funding and space. Yet, many people keep avoiding spaying and neutering their own pets, which only adds to the overpopulation problem. Luckily, one kind dog lover decided to do her part to help with these issues. She created a rescue specifically for … Read more

Severely Neglected Dog Finally Experiences Life Without Chains

WARNING: Images might be sensitive to some readers. The Animal Welfare Society of South Africa (AWS) recently came across one of the worst neglect cases they’ve ever seen. Someone called to report a sick dog on a short chain outside someone’s house. The woman who owned the dog showed no concern for the pup’s rough state and didn’t have an interest in helping her heal. So, AWS had no choice but to issue a final warning to the woman and … Read more

“Smiley” Rescue Dog Survives Getting Shot And Hit By A Car

Smiley rescue dog

Smiley the rescue dog has had a rough past, but she’s stayed true to her name. She arrived at an animal shelter after getting shot and hit by a car. Despite the pain and fear she must’ve felt, she stayed positive and continued to “smile” at her rescuers. Every step of the way, she remained so upbeat and full of life. This happy dog still has a lot of healing to do, but she’s expected to make a full recovery. … Read more

Longest Shelter Resident “Roofus Floofus” Has Adorable Birthday Pawty

Roofus Floofus Birthday Pawty

Roofus Floofus has an unforgettable name, but he has been waiting for a forever family for far too long. He’s fluffy, smiley, and sweet. Yet, he’s been sitting at Lifeline Animal Project in Georgia for over two years now! He gets lots of love at the shelter, but it’s no match for a real home. Roofus Floofus wants a family that can love him for who he is. To help this sweet pup get adopted, shelter staff threw him a … Read more

Runaway Rescue Dog Helps FedEx Driver Deliver Packages

Dog in FedEx Truck

Ursula, the Lab/Shepherd mix is shy, but loves to run off and explore. Unfortunately, the 6-month-old pup’s behaviors made it hard for her to stick with a family, though. But thanks to her latest adventure, she’s about to get the attention she truly deserves. An Arizona FedEx driver saw Ursula running into the road during his delivery route. Instead of running away from him too, she jumped in his truck and helped him deliver packages. Her actions proved that she’s … Read more

Florida Couple Runs Busy Dog Rescue Right Out Of Their Home

Danny and Run Rescue

Most dog rescues rely on dozens of foster homes to function. But anyone who has fostered a canine knows that having an extra dog around can be a lot of work. Imagine if you had to care for about 70 adoptable dogs at once! A Florida couple runs a dog rescue right out of their own home. They could have anywhere from 20 to 75 dogs in their house at once, and they make it look effortless. Since they started … Read more

8-Year-Old Boy Rides His Bike To Save Dogs From The China Meat Trade

Boy biking for dogs

When most 8-year-olds go for a bike ride, they just do it for fun. But Rhys Stevens is doing it to make a difference in this world. Rhys will keep biking long distances to help raise money and awareness for the victims of the dog meat trade in China. And so far, he’s raised more than enough money to make an impact. Specifically, Rhys gathered enough money to bring a rescue Husky away from the meat trade and toward a … Read more

UPDATE: Pup Thrown Off Balcony Is Training To Become A Veteran’s Service Dog

Miracle German Shepherd

A few months ago, a one-year-old German Shepherd survived a nasty fall. Her human tossed her off a second-floor balcony, right in front of police officers. Volusia County Animal Services took the pup into custody and nicknamed her “Miracle.” That drop could’ve killed her, but she landed on her feet and sustained minimal injuries. After life in foster care, Miracle is now preparing for her happily ever after. Humans rushed to save her life that day, so now it’s time … Read more

15-Year-Old “Southern Gentleman” Needs Some Luck On His Side

Swampy featured

Swampy the bully mix is all dressed up for Saint Patrick’s Day, but with nowhere to go. At 15-years-old, finding a forever home is hard. Poor Swampy already lost two loving families through no fault of his own, and now he’s down on his luck. But maybe the luck of the Irish will finally be on his side. The St. Tammany Parish Animal Shelter in Louisiana is working hard to find a forever home for Swampy. They describe him as … Read more

Shelter Director And Overlooked Pit Bull Trade Places For A Day

Dog and Human Trade Places

A Pit Bull named Max has spent over 440 days at the Susquehanna SPCA in New York. He’s the longest current resident, and staff find it unfair that such a sweet dog keeps getting overlooked. So, the shelter devised a plan to draw more attention to the charming pup. Shelter director Stacie Haynes chose to swap places with the 5-year-old Pit Bull for a day. She knows that staying at a shelter for too long can take a toll on … Read more

Paralyzed Dog Is Searching For A Family To “Ski” With And Love Forever

Courage Skis

Courage the rescue dog doesn’t let anything hold her back. She might not look like the average dog, but she acts as if nothing is wrong. Courage’s back legs are paralyzed, but she’s still able to run around and play like before. It’s all thanks to her special wheelchair and loving foster mom. But Courage’s wheelchair is so much more than just a set of wheels. It also has ski attachments, which allow her to sprint through the snow. Like … Read more

“How A Tiny, Injured Puppy Healed Me When I Needed It Most”

ellie rescue story

As a licensed vet tech, I have met many injured pups throughout my career. Working in emergency medicine introduces you to so many furry friends in need, but one touched my heart in a different way. About 5 years ago I walked into my job at the animal hospital, ready to start a normal shift. Across the room on the treatment table was a tiny puppy with multiple wounds, visibly shaken up from her traumatic evening. The technician currently working … Read more

Special Needs Puppy Stood Up By Adopters Receives Hundreds Of Gifts & Adoption Requests

Jack Special Needs Puppy

Jack, the 9-month-old American Bully, got all spruced up when someone expressed interest in adopting him. The 30-pound pup has special needs that make it difficult for him to walk, but he refused to let that stop him from finding a home. Rescue staff drove Jack 40 minutes away to meet his potential adopters, but sadly, they never showed! Jack was heartbroken. Staff and volunteers did everything they could to comfort Jack after the disappointment. Someone even gifted him a … Read more

Abandoned Pit Bull With Frostbite Clings To Towel For Warmth

A jogger in Branford, Connecticut found a lonely dog on their morning run. The white Pit Bull mix was alone in a parking lot, sleeping on an old towel. No one was around and the dog seemed malnourished and in pain. So, the jogger called animal control to alert them of the situation. Officials suspect the dog was abandoned the night before, left to fend for himself during one of the coldest nights of the year. On top of all … Read more

Injured Dog Seeks Love After Family Removes His Eyes And Surrenders Him

Louis the Blind Dog

Louis thought life was great. He had a family who seemed perfect to him despite their flaws. But they weren’t everything he dreamed them to be. When the going got tough, Louis’ family turned their backs on him. Now, he’s left wondering what he did wrong. After waiting too long to treat Louis’ eye infection, the family opted to remove his eyes. Louis knew he could adapt, but post surgery, his family wasn’t happy. Now that the pup was blind, … Read more

Abandoned Dog Sleeps On Human’s Jacket, Waiting For Their Return

Abandoned Dog with Jacket

Dogs are so loyal and devoted that many families don’t deserve them. A sweet dog named Honey was abandoned by her humans and left on the side of the road. She had nothing but her human’s jacket with her, so she curled up on it, praying they’d return. The scared dog waited on that familiar jacket for as long as she could, but cars just kept passing. Little did Honey know, she also suffered from severe medical conditions during her … Read more

Rescuers Shut Down Cat Meat Restaurant And Slaughterhouse Saving 19 Cats & 5 Dogs

Millions of cats and dogs are butchered across Southeast Asia every year, but animal welfare groups have been hard at work trying to stop the barbaric dog and cat meat trade. And groups like Four Paws are making progress at every turn. In 2019, Four Paws, an international organization working to save animals from cruelty, began an investigation into the cat and dog meat trade in Vietnam. Research showed that 5 million animals, 1 million of those being cats, are … Read more

Starving Dog Unrecognizable When Returned To Shelter

Please note: some photos depict extreme neglect.  When we adopt a dog, we’re making a promise for the rest of their lives. But is that promise to keep them with us through thick and thin, or to make the best possible choices for them? Those aren’t always the same thing. At the age of two years old, Roland – then named Shorty – was up for adoption at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Conroe, Texas. His intake photo shows … Read more

UK Shelter Dogs Write Letters To Santa Begging For Forever Homes

Shelter Dogs Letters to Santa

Every December, dogs all over the world sit at shelters, wishing they had a home for Christmas. These dogs have often been overlooked for months, and sometimes even years. Shelters and rescues try their best to make Christmas as special as possible for the dogs in their care, but it’s never the same as having a forever family. This year, dogs all over the United Kingdom are speaking up. They wrote letters to Santa, asking him for a forever home. … Read more

Shelter Tradition Places Dogs In Temporary Homes For The Holidays

Thousands of dogs have to spend the holidays at a shelter each year. But they all deserve a warm, loving home more than anything. That’s why Jacksonville shelters started a special program in 2012 that helps adoptable dogs find a home for the holidays. It’s called “Silent Night.” To participate in Silent Night, Florida families can choose to foster a dog for the holiday season. This gives the dogs a comfortable place to stay and it might even land them … Read more