Missouri Shelters Scramble To Find Foster Homes After Severe Flooding

Missouri shelters flooded

Part of Missouri near St. Louis has experienced severe flooding, and it’s putting animal shelters in danger. Two rescue organizations have reported flooding in their kennel spaces, causing them to evacuate all the dogs in their care. An overwhelming number of foster parents have stepped up to help the dogs in need. These shelters are now in desperate need of donations as they continue to operate amid the flooding. While helping their adoptable dogs, they’re also trying their best to … Read more

Runaway Foster Dog Survives In A Narrow Pipe For Over A Week

Dog pipe rescue

It takes foster dogs some time to get used to their temporary homes. Some dogs are a flight risk at first because they’re intimidated by the unfamiliar situation. But when foster dogs get lost, lots of dog lovers step up to help find them. An 8-year-old Coonhound named Dylan ran away from his foster home in New Jersey and was gone for over a week. His foster mom refused to stop looking for him, and eventually, someone found him in … Read more

75 Poodles Survive Horrific Puppy Mill Infested With Parasites And Deceased Dogs

Earlier this month, the Oklahoma Alliance for Animals (OAA) was contacted by the Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Office regarding a puppy mill bust. The kind-hearted folks at OAA immediately sprung into action, organizing their dedicated staff and volunteers for what can only be described as a rescue mission. When shelter staff arrived on scene at the puppy mill location, they were horrified by the sights, sounds, and smells that greeted them. An estimated seventy-five Poodles and Poodle Mixes were found in … Read more

Couple Dedicates 4 Months To Adopting Sweet Stray Dog They Fell In Love With On Vacation

Couple adopts dog in Turkey

Adopting a dog in need can be complicated, but it’s always worth it. A couple from the United Kingdom took that to a new level when they fell in love with a dog in Turkey. During their vacation, a stray dog kept interacting with them, and they knew they had to bring her home with them. The only issue was that transporting a stray dog from Turkey to the UK is a four-month process. That information might make other families … Read more

Baltimore Has Their Own Animal-Saving Superhero, ‘The Lost Dog Guy’

Animal Saving Super Hero

Baltimore, Maryland, is the home of the Orioles baseball team, the blue crab, and also the “Lost Dog Guy.” Bob Swensen is known among local dog lovers as their own animal-saving superhero. Except his power isn’t superhuman strength or laser vision. His “superpower” is reuniting pet parents with their lost family members. In fact, he’s helped over one thousand dogs, cats, horses, turtles, and other critters make their way back home.  Most dog owners assume that if their dog gets … Read more

Dog Five Minutes From Euthanasia Hugs His Determined Rescuers

Dog saved from euthanasia

Many Southern states are overcrowded with dogs due to not enough spaying and neutering. And sadly, that causes many shelters to euthanize dogs, thinking it’s the only solution. But it isn’t these poor dogs’ faults that humans aren’t responsible! So, they don’t deserve to keep dying in this cruel way. A dog named Robin was only five minutes away from euthanasia when he was rescued. And when he realized he was safe, he had the most adorable reaction! He hugged … Read more

Terrified Dog Rescued From Meat Farm Has A Big Surprise

When rescuers with Humane Society International finally gained access to a dog meat farm in Wonju, South Korea, hundreds of dogs were living in deplorable conditions. They were trapped by an industry that cared only for profit, and without outside help, their desperate fates would have been sealed. But after working tirelessly to free the innocent animals destined for slaughter, HSI successfully rescued 200 dogs. Getting them out of the meat farm was the first step, but not the last. Of … Read more

Rescuer Comforts Dying Stray Through The Night So He Won’t Pass Away Alone

At iHeartDogs we love to bring you heartwarming and uplifting stories. However, we also think it is important to tell the sad tales sometimes, too. Devoted animal rescuers like Janine Guido do not have the option to turn away. They cannot simply scroll past the hopeless cases. In honor of Guido and the countless other rescuers doing their best to save, comfort, and rehome as many dogs as they can, we bring you the story of Watson. Janine Guido is … Read more

‘Lifeless Dog’ Rescued From Sweltering Car By Man With Axe

Yorkie Hot Car Rescue

Sometimes, when the time is ticking, you have act fast if it’s a matter of life and death. When Bill Morris saw a ‘lifeless’ Yorkie in a hot car, he knew he couldn’t wait for the police to arrive. If any more time passed, the little dog might not have survived. Being a loyal dog dad himself, Morris knew that no dog should be left in such cruel conditions. So, he grabbed an axe and used it to break the … Read more

4,000 Beagles To Go Up For Adoption Following Rescue From “Dog Factory Farm”

Earlier this month, the Humane Society of the United States approached the U.S. Department of Justice, pleading for the lives of 4,000 Beagles emprisoned inside a Virginia breeding facility. This facility is owned and operated by a company named Envigo in Cumberland, Virginia. Comparable to a prison, the innocent dogs housed in this horrible place were living in deplorable conditions. Confined to crowded, dirty kennels, these dogs went for long periods without food or water and were forced to breed … Read more

Man Went Searching For His Dog In The Woods, Finds Puppies Trapped Inside Sealed Aquarium

Seriously, we can’t stop thinking: “Who would do such a thing?” But here it is. Matt Williamson, a Hinds County, Mississippi resident, was out looking for his own dogs near a creek when he found something completely unexpected and very disturbing. Two puppies had been abandoned in an aquarium – its lid cemented shut. “I could see these eyes peering out at me and they looked like they need help,” Williamson told 16WAPT news. “They sent them here to drown,” … Read more

Update: Survivor Needs Loving Family After Being Shot In Face

Max, a 2-year-old Labrador/Rottweiler mix, was recently taken outside his family home, shot twice in the face with a shotgun, and left to die. The person who inflicted this horrible act of cruelty? The very person Max looked to for food, affection, and care. Thankfully, Max was seen, rescued and is recovering. What we know about the event reveals how rash overreactions can lead to pain, suffering, and punishment. Max and the Shooter’s Three-Year-Old Daughter Cody Deel is 28 years … Read more

Heroic Community Members Pitch In To Rescue Elderly Bulldog From Sinkhole

An elderly Bulldog found himself in a precarious, potentially life-threatening situation during the early morning hours in a small Iowan town. Fortunately, the swift efforts of an entire community came together to save the old soul, resulting in a classic tale of rescue and a family reunited. Some of Iowa’s finest officials from the Estherville Police Department responded to a distress call at three o’clock in the morning. The caller reported that her senior Bulldog, Tupelo, had gone missing. And … Read more

23 Neglected Dogs Escape Cramped, Feces-Filled House

23 Dogs Saved from Neglect

23 dogs are excited for a new life after living in neglectful, unsanitary conditions. Several people reported severe abuse and neglect in the household, so officials entered and seized the dogs. What they witnessed was one of the worst neglect cases they’ve ever seen. Despite being ignored by their owner, these dogs seemed happy to see humans and eager to be loved. It will take a while for them to recover from the pain they faced, but they’ll all find … Read more

Matted Dog Tossed Over Rescue Facility’s Fence After Years Of “Neglect And Torment”

“I don’t know how to start a post like this. I guess it’s because I never saw anything like it before, and personally, I hope to never again.” These words were posted to Facebook by staff at Tri-County Animal Rescue in response to an incident described as one of the most horrendous tragedies Boca Raton, Florida, has ever seen. Sometime during the night, an unknown person threw a tiny, severely neglected dog over the rescue’s fence. She landed by a … Read more

Huskies Chained Outside To Metal Cages In 115 Degree Heat

The weather in Cedar City, Utah has been exceptionally hot throughout the last couple of weeks. Many pet owners recognize the dangers that extreme temperatures can pose to dogs. However, one Cedar City family is choosing to ignore them. Kim Phifer is a Cedar City resident who noticed three Huskies that were left outside during the recent heatwave where temperatures spiked to 115 degrees. Chained to metal cages and laying on unshaded concrete, these Huskies spent multiple recent days suffering … Read more

Three Dogs Abandoned In Garbage-Filled, Locked Car For Over 12 Hours Before Rescue

Observant dog lovers recently found three tiny dogs locked inside a car in Cutten, California. The three small dogs were left alone with the windows tightly closed. It appeared that nobody had checked on them for at least 12 hours! The red and black Chevy Cavalier was cluttered with garbage and its registration had been expired for four years. A hypodermic needle was also found along with two bottles of Naloxone- a medication commonly used to reverse the effects of … Read more

Soldier Needs Help Bringing The Stray He Rescued Overseas Home To The U.S.

Serving in the military overseas can often be very difficult for a service member. As we all know, the love of a dog is a valuable lifeline for anyone going through a challenging time. It was fortunate, then, for Staff Sergeant Corey when his fellow soldiers happened across a stray puppy while abroad. The patrolling troops discovered the pup in a storm drain, lured by the trapped animal’s pitiful whimpers. They brought the pooch back to Staff Sgt. Corey and … Read more

Dog Waited Seven Days At Side Of Road Because His Owner Said ‘Stay’

Few words mean more to a faithful dog than ‘stay.’ It is, in many ways, the ultimate test of a dog’s devotion. And the depths of their love. Luke had all of those things in spades. Pity his owner didn’t. People at a restaurant in Moscow, Russia saw the German shepherd get dropped off along the road. With a simple, curt command, the owner told the dog to stay. Then he drove away. The owner never came back.   “A … Read more

Sweetest Senior Golden Saved From Dog Meat Festival

Ahead of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China, dozens of dogs are safe now due to one rescue organization’s hard work — including the sweetest senior golden retriever. Every June in China, thousands of innocent dogs are sent to slaughter because people consume dog meat to mark the summer solstice. Before they are killed for food, dogs are kept in tiny wire cages and transported without food or water for days. Sadly, some don’t even survive the trip to … Read more

Man Rescues Severely Matted Dogs Thought To Be A Pile Of Rags

In Winchester in Hampshire County, UK, a construction worker named Matt Southcott was walking by a street when he saw a pile of rags. He didn’t pay much attention to it, because hey, why would anyone bother with a pile of rags on the side of the road? But what shocked him was when he saw the rags move. At first he thought they were sheep since their hair were so matted that they were unrecognizable. It turns out, what … Read more

Dog Left For Dead Leaps Into The Arms Of The Man Who Saved Him

You would be hard-pressed to catch anyone leaving Super Bowl LI early. Last February’s football matchup was an eyes-glued-to-the-TV kind of game: The New England Patriots were making an unprecedented last-minute comeback. And Mike Diesel was as big a fan as anyone. “It was the fourth quarter,” he tells iHeartDogs. “And Brady had just made his first touchdown for the comeback and I was at a party watching the game.” Then he saw something on Facebook and left the party … Read more

Firefighters Rescue Two Puppies Trapped In Underground Tortoise Den

On Monday, firefighters in Yucca Valley, California, responded to a distress call of two puppies trapped inside a tortoise den. For those of us who are unfamiliar with these archaic desert creatures, tortoises dig their burrows in the dirt and sand. And while generally shallow, they can occasionally tunnel upwards of thirty feet in length. One such burrow that exists just outside of a Yucca Valley home is occupied by a one-hundred-pound tortoise named Oscar. This particular tortoise is looked … Read more

United States Shelters Fill Up With Beagles From Testing Facilities

Beagles rescued from testing facility

In a matter of days, several humane societies across the United States received a large transport of Beagles from a testing facility. The Beagles were bred specifically for testing, so the groups included many puppies and adult females. Now, these dogs will receive love for the first time in their lives. It’s unclear if all these Beagles are from the same testing facility, but it seems like an unusual coincidence if they’re not. Due to ongoing investigations, none of the … Read more

Rescuers Discover 16 Dogs Chained Deep In The Woods Without Food, Water Or Shelter

When rescuers arrived on scene and saw that 16 dogs were inhumanly chained up in the woods and living in horrific conditions, they knew exactly what they needed to do.  Being left alone without any food, water, or proper shelter motivated Kansas Animal Services to prioritize doing whatever it took to free every pup from their heavy chains and get them to safety. After obtaining a search warrant, investigators were finally able to inspect the location where the pups were … Read more

Rescuers Offer $2500 Reward In Horrific Case Of Memphis Dog Burned Alive

Earlier this week, members of a Memphis, Tennessee, neighborhood ran out into the streets to find an absolutely harrowing scene: a young dog, screaming in agony, running full-speed down the road on fire. Burning flames floating atop her body, neighbors ran to her rescue with garden hoses and buckets of pool water, attempting to put out the roaring blaze. The Memphis Police Department was immediately called to the scene, and the injured pup, since named Riona, was taken to Bluff … Read more

Dog Trapped In Outdoor Pen For Weeks After Owner’s Death

Dog's owner died suddenly

Most dogs love being outside, but not when they have no choice but to stay put. A German Shepherd named Gunner was enclosed in a pen in his human’s yard, but then, his 64-year-old owner died suddenly when no one was around. Gunner was trapped outside with no one to give him his basic needs. Gunner’s dad was dead for close to a month by the time someone found him. The exhausted dog miraculously survived that whole time, but he … Read more

Lost Dog Held Hostage By Suspicious Elderly Women

Lost Chihuahua

Finding a lost dog is tricky. After all, a dog on the run can make a lot of distance on foot. Many lost dogs are also too scared to let humans help them. But with Taco the Chihuahua mix, that wasn’t the case at all. When Taco ran off, he didn’t make it far from home. Yet, it still took his mom nearly two weeks to find him. That’s because, along the way, a group of elderly women decided to … Read more

“Fun Size” Rescue Dog Beats The Odds Thanks To Her Devoted Foster Mom

On June 22,  Onslow County Animal Services (OCAS) in Jackson, North Carolina picked up an emaciated, nearly-hairless stray dog with a severe case of Demodectic mange. Adoption First Animal Rescue specializes in saving death row dogs from euthanasia. They pulled the pitiful pup out of the shelter and placed her with one of their seasoned foster moms, Heather Corradino-Llantada.   The moment she took the dog in her arms, Heather knew something more serious than skin mites was wrong. The poor pup … Read more

‘Skeleton’ Dog Found Locked Inside Cage At Abandoned Doggy Daycare Is So Glad To Be Safe

Local authorities are investigating the mysterious circumstances surrounding a starving dog who was found locked inside a kennel at an abandoned doggy daycare center in Vancouver, British Columbia.  The staff at the British Columbia SPCA was shocked to see the nearly skeletal dog when he was brought into the shelter. His hair was so overgrown, and upon shaving his matted fur, they could see nearly every bone in his body.  It’s not clear how or why the dog, now named … Read more