HELP! Twice Returned Dog Is Just Waiting To Find Her Happily Ever After

When a dog gets adopted, rescuers rejoice – after all, that dog finally has her happily ever after, right? But in the case of poor Sasha, that was not to be. Sasha, a four-year-old petite pitty, waited for two years at the Second Chance NYC Dogs rescue to find a family. When she did, the rescue was confident it was the perfect fit. Then a nightmare happened: the woman who adopted her became a hoarder. According to a post Cecelia … Read more

Ditched For New Carpet, This Sweet Dog Is Looking For A Loving Home

Do you have room in your heart for just one more? This sweet dog has done nothing wrong. He was dumped at a shelter because he former “owner” didn’t want him “dirtying” the new white carpet…. Seriously, what is wrong with people? Most of us “dog people” would have put in hard floors or a dark carpet, to accommodate our dogs, am I right? But not this person, who after a divorce in which he got the dog, decided his … Read more

UPDATE: Lonely Foster Dog Who Clung To His Bucket For Comfort Has Been Adopted!

UPDATE: Who could forget Slim, the lonely Pittie who was left at a shelter with a bucket as his only friend? We published the heartbreaking story last October and wanted to know how he was doing. Well we’re happy to say that this sweetheart has experienced the BEST kind of “failure” that there is–foster failure! Slim was discovered on the Rescue Me Ohio page–which posts about shelter dogs in need–by the Forget Me Not Animal Rescue. Luckily, the rescue was able to bring him to safety and … Read more

Auctioned Dogs Get A Chance At A Real Life Thanks To A Celebrity Dog

Never heard of a dog auction? According to the Prisoners of Greed website, they happen every spring and summer throughout the Midwest of the United States. Sometimes, it’s what they call a dispersal auction, where a breeder is going out of business. Others are “consignment auctions,” where breeders can sell unwanted dogs (old, no longer producing, sick, etc.) to get money to buy more. The Prisoners of Greed site describes the typical auction as thus: “The auctions are horrifying experiences. … Read more

National Geogaphic Explorers Found & Saved An Abandoned Puppy In One Of Their Expeditions

 Cedar Wright and his partner Alex Honnold are adventurous explorers for National Geographic. These two are gluttons for punishment and explorations, and they call their explorations–Sufferfest. During one of their Sufferfests, they unexpectedly found something in the desert–an abandoned little pup. For three weeks they traveled 800 miles on their bikes and they also climbed 45 of the most iconic towers in the American Southwest. They got off their bikes, and pulled off the side of the road to take … Read more

DISCUSSION: Police Won’t Press Charges, So Rescue Group Seeks Justice For Dog With Out Of Control Mange

Justice 4 Mutts, a rescue group based in Texas, is seeking justice for a dog with out of control mange found chained in a backyard. The dog named Aries, was found by a passerby who then quickly called Breanne Justice–the founder of Justice 4 Mutts. Aries’s life was hanging by a thread. He was rushed to the emergency vet where they discovered that not only does he have out of control mange, he was positive for heartworms, and he had … Read more

5 Amazing Things That Happen When You Adopt A Dog

You’ve decided to add a dog to your family. You go to the shelter or rescue and look at the dozens of dogs, all waiting for a forever home. And then you see her. She stares directly through your eyes and into your soul. You know she’s the one. You quickly fill out the paperwork and she’s yours. What you may not realize is all the good you have done with just that one small act. In honor of the … Read more

Community Members Rush To Foster & Adopt Dogs From Shelter Before It Floods

Rising flood water forced panicked pups to be evacuated from their cages at the local shelter. With no place to go, dozens of people from the South Carolina community rushed over for an emergency adoption. A broken water pipe added to the urgency of the situation so it is really wonderful that there are so many dog lovers in the community who were concerned and cared enough to help those poor pups out! Some volunteered to help put sandbags around … Read more

Park Rangers Go After Dog That Fell Into A Volcano

On October 3, a dog who fell on a 20-foot crack in Hawaii Volcanos Park was rescued by 6 park rangers. It was a Saturday evening when Marta Caproni was walking her dogs off-leash near the volcano golf course and the park boundary. Her dogs suddenly ran towards a heavily vegetated area. One of them came back, but the other one did not. When Romeo the chocolate Lab didn’t return, Marta searched for him the whole night but couldn’t find … Read more

Firefighter Rescues Pit Bull Who Was Abused, Thrown In A Swamp And Attacked By Aligators

In New Orleans, a female Pit Bull is now on the road to recovery after being abused, and thrown off an interstate and left for dead. They named the poor thing Ally Gator, because not only was she thrown off a swamp, she was also bitten by an alligator. Ally Gator was rescued by a volunteer firefighter named Eddie Simpson. Simpson heroically picked up 70-pound Ally with one arm, and carried her as he was climbing the ladder. Ally was … Read more

Rescue Dog Saves Her Human’s Life When She Falls & Can’t Call For Help

A woman’s rescued dog rescued her in return when she fell in her garage and fractured her pelvis. Janet Wilhelm had just finished packing up dog food and placing it in the bin on her garage when she slipped and fell. She landed on her hip, and ended up fracturing her pelvis in five places. After her fall, Janet couldn’t move–it was just too painful. She wondered how she could ever get out of the situation; she didn’t have a … Read more

Dog Lies Down To Die & At That Moment, A Miracle Happens

Imagine driving past this on the side of the road. Would you stop? As heartbreaking as it sounds, most kept driving. Animal Aid Unlimited, India Luckily, the Indian rescue group Animal Aid Unlimited drove past this pup. Initially they didn’t know what it was as it didn’t look anything like an animal they had ever seen. The dog was emaciated with severe mange and had collapsed on the side of the road. The dog was hairless and extremely skinny. Animal … Read more

Each Day This Shelter Dog Makes His Bed While Waiting For Someone To Love Him

Everyone knows that dogs are very smart animals. They continue to amaze us with what they can do, what they can be taught, and also for what just comes naturally to them. For Rush, a lonely Pit Bull waiting to be adopted at a shelter in Kettering, Ohio, he has a very interesting routine that he does each and every day as he patiently waits for a family to adopt him. You see, dogs have a keen intellect, and despite … Read more

Boy With Painful Disease Meets Abused, Abandoned Dog And Their Lives Change Forever

 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC, the original Silicon Valley real estate startup founded in 1906, has been awarded the first-ever Companion Animal Champion Award by for helping find homes for more than 20,000 dogs in 2015. In February 2015, Coldwell Banker Real Estate joined forces with, the largest nonprofit pet adoption website in North America, to launch the “Homes for Dogs Project”, an initiative aimed at sharing resources to find homes for adoptable dogs. “We have been so honored to make … Read more

Saved From Neglect, Sweet Dog Just Wants To Be Loved

Heidi Hardman, VP of A Forever Home Animal Rescue, a no-kill organization with 15 years experience rescuing, fostering and adopting out animals, went to the shelter last week to save a few lives. In her words: “I came upon Dex. I almost didn’t see him. There he was, this tiny black ball, all curled up on a filthy, wet concrete floor right against the gate door. I could smell Dex from three kennels away. He reeked of yeast infection, urine … Read more

After 11 Years In A Shelter – Olive has a HOME!

This is just an incredible story. It’s incredible because many would have given up on Olive, after a few years. But not the amazing rescuers at Yonkers Animal Shelter. They told “We believe keeping our adoptable dogs alive no matter how long it take to get them home.” The shelter frequently has dogs that stay two or more years. Four years ago, however, they had 30 dogs that had been there 2+ years. Eager to find them homes, the … Read more

Dogs Forced To Spend Their Lives Fighting Finally Feel Love From Humans

No dog, or any other animal for that matter, should ever have to suffer at the hands of a human being. It makes any compassionate person sad to hear of such cruelty, as animals (like small children) are defensive little beings that just want nothing to more than to give and receive love. Recently in Cottonwood, Alabama, 65 dogs were rescued from a site that was not-so-secretly hog-fighting their dogs. These dogs desperately needed medical attention and were incredibly malnourished, … Read more

12 Reasons Black Dogs Are The Coolest (#5 Will Make You Want To Adopt One!)

It’s a sad fact, but there is such a thing as the “black dog syndrome.” What is this you ask? It’s the stigma surrounding a black animal that causes potential adopters to shy away from adopting them. We think this -syndrome should be changed to “the need to own a black dog because they are awesome.” Why? Well here are just 15 reasons why we think black dogs are the coolest, in honor of National Black Dog Day on October … Read more

The AMAZING Story Of One Man Who Has Saved Over 30,000 Dogs From Kill Shelters

Every other week, Greg Mahle packs up his specially outfitted big rig and heads thousands of miles south from his home in Ohio. Up to 90 dogs, saved from high-kill shelters and the streets, await Mahle to take them on the final leg of their long journey – to their forever families in the Northeast. In the 18 years since he started Rescue Road Trips, Mahle has saved an estimated 30,000 dogs. Like many people who work rescue, holidays, such as Memorial Day, … Read more

After Suffering Together And Found Near Death, These Rescued Pups Need A Forever Home

Oscar and Emmy were found by the Chicago Police Department in an abandoned building on July 6. They were near death from starvation. The Trio Animal Foundation, a non-profit organization that assists shelters, rescues and individuals by paying medical bills of homeless pets as well as promoting adoption and spay/neuter programs, was called by the Department to meet them at the emergency vet where the dogs were taken. The pit mixes were in bad shape. According to a post on … Read more

Retired Man Takes Rescue Dogs On ‘Dog Train’ Rides To Brighten Their Days

When Texas man Eugene Bostick retired from his job with the Union Pacific railroad, he never thought he’d be living the life he’s living now. Not only is he happy, but he’s found a new sort of job, and it’s one that might be the sweetest thing you’ve ever heard. “We live down on a dead-end street, where me and my brother have a horse barn,” Bostick said. “People sometimes come by and dump dogs out here, leaving them to … Read more

This Stray Dog Mom Was Dying But Stayed On Until She Knew Her 10 Pups Were Safe. Rescuers Honored Her Legacy By Rearing Her Pups.

Doggie Protective Services (DPS), a non-profit animal rescue organization in Los Angeles, California, that rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes dogs (and sometimes cats!) that have been neglected, abandoned or abused. . Our animals live in foster homes initially and are physically and emotionally rehabilitated and then placed in permanent homes. DPS teamed up with PAWsitive, a YouTube channel that supports local shelters, rescues, fosters and wildlife rescuers by sharing heartwarming and inspirational rescue stories, to share this amazing story about ten orphaned … Read more

These 7 Dogs Have 2 Things In Common – They’re Deaf & Homeless! Let’s Find Them A Home!

This week, in honor of National Deaf Dogs Awareness Week, we have partnered with Deaf Dogs Rock, a non-profit dedicating to promoting the care and well-being of deaf dogs, to bring you 7 amazing rocker dogs that need homes, and just happen to be deaf. But don’t let that stop you! Deaf dogs are amazing – just look at Semi’s story! Your new best friend might not be able to hear you, but that doesn’t stop them from being some … Read more

Born With A Rare Genetic Disorder And Both Blind And Deaf, This Dog Proves Love Is All You Need.

PAWsitive Channel and Family Dog Rescue team up to bring a story of a “special needs” dog that isn’t special but amazing! Noel, a nearly all white Australian Shepherd was also born blind and deaf but you wouldn’t believe it just by looking at her. She is helping to spread the word that people shouldn’t overlook a dog just because they are different or may have special needs – these dogs have some of the most incredible spirits on Earth. … Read more

Puppy Miraculously Survives 65 Days In The Desert After A Terrible Car Crash

Rose and her dog Ily were in a terrible car accident where both of them were thrown out of the car. When Rose came to, Ily was nowhere to be found. She had disappeared and Rose was so worried for her beloved companion- especially in the heat. One-year-old Ily was missing for over two months and Rose was convinced she would not see her pup again. For the past two months, an army of volunteers looked for Ily. They placed … Read more

Dog Who Took Bullet For Owner Needs A Forever Home

Do you remember the Hero Dog who saved his owner by taking a bullet to the head two years ago. When their home was invaded, Kiko fearless protected his owner from the intruders, who shot him in the head. Incredibly, this adorable pitty survived and became a known the world over. Read about Kiko’s amazing journey in the link in his bio from @thedodo He truly is a #Hero #Dog #welovepitbulls #pittylove #pitbullsofigstagram #adoptme #adoptabledog #adoptdontshop #recscuedog A photo posted by KingKiko … Read more

They Heard Something Crying In A Dilapidated Old Building And Rushed In To Help. What They Found Broke Their Hearts.

The entire team of Michigan Humane Society Rescue Officers were called out to the old, abandoned Highland Park municipal buildings to rescue a terrified Pit Bull that was near death – crying and starving. The voicemail said the dog sounded like it was stuck – the people could hear the dog howling but didn’t know where it was located. There were two massive buildings (the old fire station and the old courthouse) and it was silent when the team got … Read more

Two Large US Cities Ban Puppy Mill Pets In Pet Stores

This summer has been a great one in the fight to stop puppy mills, with two major cities in the United States ruling that no pet store can sell dogs or cats that come from commercial breeders. Instead, they may adopt out pets from local shelters or rescues. Pheonix, Arizona was the first, when a federal judge upheld the law after Puppies N’ Love challenged the law as “unconstitutional,” saying it was prohibiting interstate commerce. According to, “The Puppies … Read more

8 Reasons To Consider Adopting A Deaf Dog

Although many people are now turning to adoption when looking for a dog to add to their family, there are groups of dogs that are less likely to get adopted from shelters or rescues based on things they cannot control. Some of the groups most often over-looked include: black dogs, senior dogs, pits or pit mixes, and disabled pets. Deaf dogs are part of the last group, though we can’t understand why. As part of National Deaf Dog Awareness Week … Read more

Dedicated Rescuers Help Dogs For A Third Time, Saving 5 Puppies

It’s all too common to see people who have needed help with their pets, need help more than once. Katie Wing with Houston K911 Rescue in Houston, Texas, explains that the house they are going to they have been too before – they helped them before with Chocolate, a dog that need some medical attention and to be spayed. The rescue fixed her up and returned her to the family. Now, they have two litters of Chihuahuas, just five or … Read more