Cub Scouts Take In Paralyzed Dog And Give Him A New Lease On Life

For many dogs that are taken to animal control, sadly they never leave. With euthanasia rates at an all time high, many dogs are put to sleep due to overpopulation and overcrowding. When a Dachshund/Beagle mix was taken in to animal control, it was predicted that he only had a few hours to live–sentenced to doggy death row. The dog was said to have been struck by a car, leaving him paralyzed and unable to move his back legs. The … Read more

10 Year Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina- Never Before Seen Raw Footage of Dog Rescues

On August 23, 2005, Hurricane Katrina whipped through the southern states – it became one of the five deadliest hurricanes in United States History, with winds up to 174mph and 1,833 fatalities. What this number does not include, are the thousands of pets that were lost during the storm. Over 600,000 animals were killed or stranded due to the hurricane. For those that were stranded, help was needed. Volunteers came from all over the country to help save and hopefully … Read more

Woman Dedicates Her Life To Saving Dogs, With Over 1,400 Rescued In Just 4 Years!

For some people who love animals, they want to do whatever they can to save them. Some donate to animal charities, take in dogs from shelters that heartless owners have cast aside, or even volunteer their time to helping animals. Whatever the cause may be, we all know that the overpopulation of dogs in the world is staggering, and each and every day poor, defenseless dogs are euthanized simply for just existing. It’s cruel and unfair, and for one woman … Read more

Photo Series Highlights Wonderful Pets With Disabilities

Alex Cearns, owner of Houndstooth Studio is changing what people perceive as beautiful when it comes to pets with disabilities. Her new series “Perfect Imperfection,” highlights all types of animals – from goats to birds – that have some type of disability. Some are missing a limb, some are missing both eyes – all are beautiful. Cearns uses her photography to help rescued and homeless animals that are often overlooked – like black dogs or those with disabilities – get … Read more

Adorable Rescued Great Dane Puppy Gets A New Leg And New Life

A rescued Great Dane puppy is ready for a new life now that she has a new leg, thanks to the work of rescuers, vets and a company that makes prosthetics. Big Hearts Dog Rescue, a Florida-based rescue, took in the pup, named Rosey, who had been stepped on by her mom, causing her leg to break. While she was in a cast, her foot lost blood supply and was no longer a functioning body part, but something that would … Read more

After This Stray Dog Saved Her Life, Woman Makes It Her Mission To Find Her Again

For Georgia Bradley, she was just a regular twenty something woman on vacation in Greece living in the moment. While on a beach one evening in Crete, two men approached her and asked her to join them for a drink, but when she politely declined things took an ugly turn. One of the men suddenly grabbed her by the arm and as she feared for her life she began to scream. Then, out of nowhere, a black stray dog burst … Read more

16 States Named In 100 Worst Puppy Mill Breeders In the United States

Often I hear people say they don’t see the problem with buying a dog from an online breeder or a pet store because the dog needs a home, right? And they don’t come with all the stipulations that reputable breeders or rescues have. There’s a reason for that. Those puppies come from puppy mills. A puppy mill is any commercial breeder where profit is placed over the well-being of the dogs, to the point where they are often abused and … Read more

Rescued From A Puppy Mill, You Won’t Be Able To Guess What Is Hiding Under This Fur.

In February 2014, Mikhail was one of 121 dogs and more than 60 other animals that were rescued from a suspected Jefferson County, Ark., puppy mill after authorities discovered them living in filth and suffering from a lack of basic care. The Humane Society of The United States’ (HSUS) Animal Rescue Team was there to facilitate the rescue. “The Youtube video that the HS had put out of this rescue – that was the first I had seen of it after … Read more

The Shelter Dog Who Wouldn’t Eat FINDS A HOME!

On August 9th, a volunteer at the Agoura Animal Shelter in Los Angeles County, California sent out a desperate plea for Dozer, a beautiful brindled pitty mix who had been at the shelter for a year. Help us help him! Adopt Dozer!!! Posted by Shelley Abel MacEwen on Sunday, August 9, 2015 Dozer has become so depressed in the shelter that he had stopped eating. Something had to be done. He needed a home…FAST. Despite the fact that we was house … Read more

Unique Looking Rescue Pup Finds Loving Forever Home Thanks To These Kind People

When we think of dogs, there’s cuddly and fuzzy, short and sleek, long and bushy, or even frilly to perfection. But no matter the way the dog looks on the outside, it’s their winning personality that speaks to the inside of our hearts. After Christine Doblar and her children were looking to add a new dog to their family to replace the one that had passed away, they thought none other than to adopt not shop. They had developed a fondness for Chihuahuas, … Read more

Golden Retriever In Good Hands After Being Burned With Battery Acid And Left For Dead

WARNING- GRAPHIC IMAGES For any of us true dog lovers, we could never in a million years imagine harming a dog. We love dogs with from the bottom of our hearts, and the thought of mistreating or abusing them is enough to make our hearts heavy. Recently in Southern California, an approximately one-year-old Golden Retriever was brought into the California Golden Retriever Rescue with what looked to be burns from battery acid from the back of his neck trailing down … Read more

Top 5 Most Adopted Breed Mixes

Whenever shelters and rescues are talked about, two breed mixes are always at the top when it comes to too many in and not enough out – pit bull mixes and Chihuahuas. Over the last years, some major efforts have gone on, from breed specific campaigns for the pitty, to shipping Chis from California to other states that have owners looking for small dogs. But has it helped? Where do these breeds stand up when it comes to actual adoptions? … Read more

Woman Who Found Pitbull With Half A Face Lying On Her Lawn Gives Her The Life She Deserves

Just under two weeks ago, Khalessi was found on a lady’s lawn. The woman called Orange County Animal Services (Florida), who took them to their shelter. No one known will ever know what really happened to her. What’s obvious is that she was horribly, disturbingly abused, probably for her entire life the vets say. Weighing only 20 pounds when rescued, the two-year-old pitty mix has no nasal cavity, missing part of her upper jaw due to a past trauma and … Read more

This Pitbull Is Proving To Everyone That Fighting Dogs Can Be Rehabilitated

Gremmie was one of 50 dogs rescued off two separate properties in North Carolina – one in Pamlico County and another in Jones County in the same day that the Humane Society of The United States (HSUS) raided. Both were suspected dogfighting operations. “To see him in the condition he was in was heartbreaking,” says Megan Morrisey, Gremmie’s mom. “I remember watching the videos of him and just crying.” Morrisey saw the video of him when he was still in … Read more

This Rescued Pitbull and Her Ball Pit Are Taking The Internet By Storm

Best Friends Animal Society has a very special Border Collier/American Staffordshire Terrier mix looking for a home. She currently resides at their Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. Safira is a spayed four-year-old who is “always happy to see her friends and appreciates their attention.” However, she is a bit shy and unsure of new people, so a she will need a patient family to help her bring her out of her shell. A sanctuary visit is required to adopt her. … Read more

A New Way To Adopt? Dog Trainer Offers Trained Rescue Dogs for Sale

One of the main reasons some people will not adopt is that oftentimes, rescue dogs come without much training. Regardless of age, they usually have bad habits and may not even know basic obedience. Jennie Jones, owner of Kindred Spirits Dog Training in Wartrace, Tennessee, has decided to do something about this, hopefully creating more adopters from people that would normally shy away from a shelter dog. In her program, “Saved and Trained,” she selects, trains and socialize rescue dogs … Read more

Deaf Rescue Dog Is Using Her Long Tongue To Spread A Big Message

In 2012, Farrah Marx was 20, living on her own and dealing with a bunch of health/medical issues. She need something, someone, to focus on – a responsibility that wasn’t herself and could help her forget about all the health stuff. So she decided to get a puppy from the Inland Valley Humane Society. In her own words: I was set on adopting a male puppy. I wanted my puppy to be a boy. I was set on it. When … Read more

40 Animals And Counting Have Been Saved, Thanks To One Inspiring Little Boy

From the time that we are young, some of us are lucky to know what are calling in life is. With this gift, we use our talents, our ambitions, and our heart to propel ourselves into the direction in which we want to take our lives. For Ken, a ten-year-old boy living in the Philippines, he knew from a very young age that he wants to dedicate his life to saving animals. With this dream, he created an idea to … Read more

EMERGENCY ALERT – This Dog Needs A Home NOW.

The World Animal Awareness Society (WA2S) is helping Anna Barbosa of  Houston K911 Rescue get a message out about a very special stray dog in Dotson Park located in Houston, Texas. “There are dogs literally everywhere,” says Tom McPhee, producer and director for WA2S. “This gently dog needs to have some immediate attention, but everybody’s filed up.” It is suspected that Houston has more than one million stray dogs. The rescues are doing all they can, but there are just too … Read more

What Should You Do If You Think An Animal Is Being Abused?

Do you suspect an animal in your area is not being cared for properly? Want to do something, but you’re afraid of making your neighbor mad or not following the law correctly, which can sometimes make the situation worse? Every animal lover should know what to do to help save an animal that is not being treated well. The following are the steps recommended by the Humane Society of The United States (HSUS). Know The Signs The first step is knowing … Read more

12 Awesome Things You Can Do For Your Local Shelter

Looking for something special you can do for your local shelter? The amazing team at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary gave us the inside scoop on things that really help a shelter out, which you may have never even thought of before. #1 – Bring in food/snacks for staff/volunteers on busy days #2 – Decorate lobbies and common areas for holidays #3 – Make videos of adoptable animals #4 – Donate your professional time in areas such as marketing, public relations, graphic design, photography, … Read more

Rescuers Noticed Abandoned Dog Was Acting Strangely Until They Saw What Was Under The Porch

While animal rescuers assisted World Animal Awareness Society (WA2S) canine survey volunteers counting stray dogs during phase one of the canine survey in Detroit, Michigan, the field teams frequently came upon dogs that appeared to be in need or under duress. This black dog had become infamous in the neighborhood – pacing the sidewalk outside of an abandoned house and barking at everyone. “She barks at everybody but she hasn’t bit nobody, some people are scared of her,” says the … Read more

Rare Behind The Scenes Look At Rescuing Bait Dogs

Often we see bait dogs after they have been rescued or already adopted. These stories are amazing and some of my favorite to share. However, I think this video is especially important because it actually shows how these dogs are found. Sharing this video can help bring into light the horrifying lives these dogs live prior to being rescued, and why it’s so important that we fight to get stricter penalties for dog fighting everywhere. Executive Director of the World … Read more

This Amazing Man Gives Rescue Dogs A Second Chance To Serve And Protect

Many police and military dogs come from very specific breeding programs all over the world and because of their genetic nature, can be very expensive. While it takes a special type of dog to learn to fight and apprehend a dangerous suspect, there is another line of work that requires no special skills. Detection work, be it search and rescue, illegal drugs or weapons, only needs a strong nose – something every dog has. Fortunately, Brad Croft has founded Universal … Read more

Marine Is Reunited With Abandoned Puppy He Saved While In Afghanistan

Real men are kind to animals. We have always admired men who show their sweet and gentle side to animals. I’m sure the women readers agree, right? A man who is capable of harming an animal is most likely going hurt women and children too. And that is exactly the reason why we admire men who rescue animals, especially the soldiers who have rescued dogs in the areas they are deployed. The thing with dogs is that they crawl their … Read more

Teen Helps Local Rescue Save Dog That’s Living In Abandoned House

This story is proof that age has nothing to do with making a difference. Armand and Mikey are kids in a Detroit neighborhood that help the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue  by calling them when they see a stray or if someone abandons a puppy. In a rough neighborhood and the kids are often not in school, but as one of the rescue workers points out, they could be doing worse things than helping them rescue dogs. On this trip, … Read more

Woman Writes Heartwrenching Letter To Puppy Mill Breeder

Ever wish you could confront the people that were responsible for causing the love of your life, your dog’s, misery?Thersea Strader founded the National Mill Dog Rescue in 2007 in honor of her Italian Greyhound Lily – who was a poster child for the abuse and neglect puppy mill dogs experience. Lily had spent the first seven years of her life as a breeding dog. Here is her story, according the website: “Lily spent all of her days confined to … Read more

First He Rescues a Puppy. Then He’s SHOCKED to Pull THIS Out from Behind The Trash.

Sometimes, amidst a struggle, you will find something beautiful. That is exactly what Chris Ouwerkerk, a Rescue Driver of the Michigan Humane Society, has discovered. He was dispatched to a call where a puppy was supposedly chained up to a couch that has been thrown out to the curb. What made things worse was that it was raining and it was really cold that day. When he got to the area, he noticed that there was a puppy sitting in … Read more

5 Important Reasons To Adopt, Not Shop!

There will always be dog breeders available. Whether reputable, back yard, or the puppy mill variety, puppies are often a dime a dozen—so to speak. Not only are puppies plentiful, they’re down right adorable. Most potential owners insist on getting a puppy for a variety of reasons; to have an animal their kids will grow up with, they want less “emotional baggage”… the list goes on. But what half of these humans don’t consider is that puppies are work. They … Read more

Saving a Scared, Injured Dog Reveals A Bush Full Of Puppies

Searching for stray dogs can be a dangerous task. Often the dog will hide in places very difficult to get into and aren’t always welcoming to strangers. This sweet girl, later named Iris, made her den in a row of bushes. But as the rescues begin their efforts to pull her from the bushes, a much bigger surprise is revealed!