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Watch Out For These 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

| Published on November 15, 2021

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that dogs are descendants of the mighty wolf. Importantly though, these common household pets can actually pose a lot of different dangers to you and your family.

If you’re thinking of adopting, you should know about certain risks. For your information and your safety, here are 10 dangerous dog breeds you should always be wary of.

1 – Mastiff

These dogs are known for being excellent with children. Be warned: if you adopt one, you may be dangerously at risk of your kids starting to love the dog more than you.

2 – Great Dane

Even though males can weigh up to 175 pounds, these giants still think they’re lap dogs. Beware, or a Great Dane may just crush you with love.

3 – French Bulldog

The noxious gases that emerge from the rears of these little dogs are enough to at least maim, if not kill. You have been warned.

4 – Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers love giving sloppy kisses. I couldn’t find any research on this, but there could be some kind of long-term damage from getting too many licks.


5 – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Because Cavaliers were literally bred to sit on your lap, that’s what they’ll do. And no matter how much you try to prepare yourself, you won’t be able to get up when a sweet little Cavalier jumps on the couch and settles in next to or on top of you. These dogs will trap you, leaving you prisoner to their whims, so be careful!

6 – Corgi

These dogs don’t just demand attention, they compel it with their torturous good looks and squat bodies. Be careful: your fatigued wrists will beg from mercy after giving non-stop pets and your arms will tire from carrying them around.

7 – Miniature Dachshund

Because these loyal, tiny dogs follow their people everywhere, they’re always underfoot. You just never know when you’ll find yourself tripping over one, maybe even down a flight of stairs!

8 – Golden Retriever

At first it seems like good fun when a Golden Retriever drops a ball in your lap in the hopes you’ll throw it. So you throw it. And they bring it back. And then you throw it again, and they keep bringing it back. Even when you get tired, they never will. Not until your arm is stiff.

9 – Australian Shepherd

These dogs bred for herding have a tough time fighting that instinct, so look out for who becomes boss if you ever grow your hair or beard too much.

10 – Pomeranian

So tiny and oh so fluffy, these little dogs have been known to make their parents shriek gleefully in such a high pitch it damages their vocal cords.

These are just a few of the types of dangerous dog breeds there are, so look out for other lurking dog-related threats!  (Notes: don’t shoot the messenger for her sarcasm. Open your home to a rescue dog today!)

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