Canine Quirks: Why They Do What They Do

Fetch? Or is it? Most dog owners have experienced this from time to time; the dog will bring a stuffed animal and lay it at the owner’s feet. The owner, more than likely, will pick up the slobber soaked toy and fling it away from them. Result being the dog chases after it, retrieves it, shakes it a few times and brings it back to the owner’s feet. Thus goes the game of fetch. Or is it? Let’s look at … Read more

5 Reasons To Love The Old English Sheepdog

  The Old English Sheepdogs (OES) are distinctive for their shaggy coats and clumsy, lumbering gait. Lesser known for their goofy personality, their need for human companionship and their astute ability to get their people ready and out the door in the mornings, this once popular breed is teetering on the endangered list. They’re ready for their close up The Old English Sheepdogs were once the darlings of the media. A person couldn’t turn on the TV without seeing this … Read more

Door Dart Bingo: Keeping Your Dog Contained When The Bell Rings

    Show of hands, how many owners have dogs that go ballistic when they hear a knock or the doorbell ring? How many owners have dogs that dart out the door as soon as it is partially opened? 70% of dog owners deal with this on a daily basis. Through training, persistence and a lot of patience, a dog can be trained to “tone it down” when guest come to the door. Here are a few tips. Back to … Read more

Baseball And Dogs: An American Tradition

Spring training is in full swing as fans gear up for another exciting baseball season. The Milwaukee Brewers have already shown their love and support for wayward canines. Hank, a Bichon mix, went from homeless pet to pampered mascot. Recently another homeless dog was found by Brewer infielder, Scooter Gennet. That Dachshund was taken in by a local rescue. What about the rest of the major league baseball teams or players? Do any of them have canine loyalties? They sure … Read more

Accentuate The Positive… And The Negative Aspects Of Training

Every time a training article is written, the first paragraph should be begin with “Every dog is unique, every dog has different learning styles, and there is no cookie cutter technique that will work with every dog!” There are positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement techniques that are effectively used in the training process, most often applied in behavior modification. Not all dogs respond to 100% positivity. On the flip side, no good comes from 100% negativity either. There can be … Read more

Therapy Dogs; Changing The Rules While Changing Lives

The first recognized therapy dog was a four pound Yorkshire Terrier named Smokey. It was during WWII; Smokey was rescued by a soldier and traveled with his human through various battles. When his human was hospitalized, Smokey was brought to the hospital. The dog slept on his person’s bed, keeping him company and raising his spirits with amusing canine antics. Pretty soon nurses were borrowing Smokey, to entertain other wounded soldiers in the hospital. Continuing the tradition It is a … Read more

5 Creative Business Start-Ups For Dog Enthusiasts

Love dogs? Why not turn it into a career? There are the usual suggestions of becoming a dog trainer, behaviorist or even a groomer. These ideas take time, schooling, certifications and licensing. People may suggest dog walking or becoming a pet sitter. While they are decent start-ups, they’ve been covered the internet over by animal lovers all around the world. The pet industry is a multi-billion dollar operation. Owners are spending more on their pets now than ten years ago. … Read more

6 Dog-Friendly Vacation Destinations Around The World

Ever dreamed of dashing around Düsseldorf with a Dalmatian? Ambling along Buenos Aries with a Bichon? Traipsing through Tokyo with a Terrier? Luckily, in this day and age, international pet travel has been made easier with information readily available on the internet and greater compassion for pet parents. Many hotels and vacation rental agencies recognize that dogs are family members and allow them to reside with their owners while on vacation. These exotic locals aren’t often on the radar for … Read more

Breaking Bad—Stereotypes that is!

  Quick! First thought with the word—Chihuahua? Ankle biter? Snuggle bug? How about—Dachshund? Weiner dog? Digging fanatic? Everyone has preconceived notions about most breeds. Thinking of a St. Bernard may equal rabid killer for some or slobber giant for others. What about a Collie? Is she a multi-lingual communicator or dog with an attitude? What if the breed had a less than stellar reputation? How does society overcome breed stereotypes and accept a dog at face value? The history of … Read more

Are Two Dogs Better Than One?

    Sometimes well meaning owners will take on the responsibility of two dogs at once. The dogs have bonded and will be heartbroken if separated… Dogs are social animals, so they will always need a buddy…  Two is better than one? The list of reasons may go on and on. Reality is, potential owners don’t see the downside of bringing in two dogs at the same time until the negatives become glaringly obvious. Double the bills… double the training… … Read more

Dog Show Fever; Get in the Ring!

Another round of dog shows have come and gone and there is still a little nagging voice in the back of the head, “My dog is better looking than that dog!” Well, that may be true, but no one will ever know unless the dog steps foot in the ring. How exactly does one get involved in dog showing? Normally a pure breed dog is involved; but there are a whole slew of other things to train for before Fido … Read more

Best Paw Forward – Canine Good Citizenship Training

Canines are expected to have decent manners when they go out in public. Most dogs go through basic obedience training learning the most rudimentary commands sit, down, stay. Of those dogs, some may go on to advanced obedience training. Advanced training is basic commands with distance and focus. The purpose of advanced obedience is to have a well behaved dog both on and off leash with a myriad of distractions present. A select few will go on to the Canine … Read more

4 Ways To Cure Boredom And Increase Your Dog’s Smarts

[IHD_Mobile_Banner]  Mental fitness is just as important to a dog as physical exercise. If a dog isn’t mentally stimulated, it could lead to serious behavior issues. Some breeds were not created to sit idly by and watch the clouds pass overhead, they were meant to burst through the clouds and chase after the wisps. Here are some excellent brain exercises that take very little effort for humans and will keep a dog stimulated for hours.   1. Know the nose … Read more

How To Keep Your Dog Cool During The Dog Days Of Summer

[IHD_Mobile_Banner] The term “dog days of summer” indicate those incredibly hot afternoons where even the flies don’t buzz. Dogs find wherever they can to catch a slight breeze and a bit of cool in the heat of the sun. While most people know not to leave their dog in a car, no matter how short the trip, it still seems to be cause for caution as the days grow longer and temperatures begin to rise. Here are some other tips … Read more

Fun & Exciting Games For Dogs And Kids To Play Together

“I’m bored!” How many times do kids utter that phrase throughout the year? Dogs get bored just as easily when not properly stimulated. Unlike kids, they don’t have the verbal ability to utter their discontent. They find other ways to express their boredom, usually by way of destruction. Why not have them work out their boredom, together? Not through destruction, but through training games and fun play. There are lots of activities for kids and dogs to do together that … Read more

7 Childhood Benefits Of Living With a Dog

Any adult that’s resided with a furry, four legged companion can appreciate what canines bring to a relationship. The bond between a child and a dog is so incredibly different. Kids bring innocence to their canine connection. It is something truly magical, not to be replicated or repeated by adults. 1. It Promotes Sharing Children living with dogs often develop a strong nurturing instinct. They never want the dog to go hungry and will eagerly share their meals with them… Brussel … Read more

Don’t Blame The Dog: 7 Breeds That Get A Bad Rap

No breed is perfect, they all have their upside and their downside. The seven breeds listed below are continuously on the “Dangerous breed” list and may be banned by insurance companies, landlords, home owners associations and municipalities around the world. Sad thing is, there is no such thing as a “Bad Breed”! There are poorly trained, under socialized dogs that deserve better treatment and ignorant owners that don’t know any better.   American Pit Bull It would be beneficial to … Read more

9 Most Distinctive Dog Breeds

Not all breeds are created equal, but some look awfully similar to one another. The following breeds are among the most distinct looking breeds of the 152 recognized by the AKC.  They definitely stand out in a crowd. And for good reason!   Bedlington Terrier This breed comes from England and is known for their lithe bodies and the mohawk that runs from the tip of their nose to the top of their head. Occasionally mistaken for a lamb, the … Read more

Tips To Dog Proof Your Home For A New Dog

Most new parents baby proof their home before an infant can move around on their own, but think nothing of letting a puppy explore unattended. There are as many hazards to dogs in the home as there are for babies. How could an owner keep their four legged companions safe? By going room to room and removing potentially dangerous items. Cleaning Supplies Most people appreciate the easy access of keeping cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink. Dogs appreciate nudging those … Read more

Spring (And Fur) Is In The Air! Natural Ways To Reduce Shedding

It’s officially Spring, a time when thoughts turn to play dates in the park, swim dates in the lake and fur elimination dates with the vacuum. All dogs shed to a degree, the dogs with the thicker coats, the term shed doesn’t apply to them, they “blow” their coat. When they blow their coat, there is enough fur flying it may seem like there are three more dogs in the house. Unfortunately there isn’t a solution to eliminate shedding completely, … Read more

Dogs That Have Made It To Big League Sports

There are the usual dog sports such as agility, herding, flyball, dock diving and the myriad of other events that take place all over the world. These activities are canine driven, human assisted. What happens when the dogs enter the human sports arenas? The world may never be the same again, in a very good way. Homeless dogs make good! Hank is a famous pooch. The Bichon mix was homeless, found wandering around the stadium of the Milwaukee Brewers. Members … Read more

How To Reduce Stress On Your Dog When Moving

Moving to a new home can cause undo stress on all family members, including the four legged ones that have no idea what’s going on. Dogs are often territorial and may have a harder time transitioning into their new digs. Listed below are some tips to ease the move and make it a more positive experience. Before the Move If moving to a new city or state, check local ordinances to make sure vaccinations are up to date and registrations … Read more

Why Do Puppy Mills STILL Exist?

For the past fifty years, the United States Department of Agriculture has been working on legislation to regulate safe breeding practices for dogs. There are registrations, inspections, and specific criteria that must be met in order to get approval by the federal and in some cases, state agencies. Even with these standards in place, puppy mills are still in practice. Pet stores still sell puppies from these mills and from backyard breeders. And people still continue to buy that cute … Read more

Are Service Dogs In The Classroom A Blessing Or A Hindrance?

In theory, service dogs should be well behaved, mild mannered, and blend in with their environment. What happens when a service dog is put into a classroom with twenty-some odd 7 year olds? Would the noise, excitement level, or activity affect how he does his job? What about the children? Would they be more distracted by the cute doggy? With a host of mental and physical disorders on the rise among the youth in America, there is an increasing demand … Read more

3 Key Types of Dog Leadership—What Works Best for You?

John F. Kennedy once said, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” What does it take to be an effective pack leader? How does one rear a well mannered dog? Will they dominate the pack with sternness? Guide the members with positivitiy? Let equality reign? With so many options and opinions out there it’s hard to find something that works best for the family. Are you an aggressive Alpha Dog? Not mentioning any names, there is a world renown and respected … Read more

4 Training Mistakes You Should Never Make

There are a thousand different ways to train a pup. Since every dog has their own unique personality, cookie cutter training, or a one size fits all education doesn’t work. While a majority of pet owners ascribe to a positive based training system, there are still some that believe a dominating, physical approach to teaching is acceptable. Owners should use physical contact for praise, not punishment; building the dog up instead of tearing them down. The following no-no’s are still … Read more

Washing the Dog? Try Going Natural

    Who doesn’t love that wet dog smell? Other than a dog? While dogs don’t necessarily need to be bathed every week, some owners are tempted to rid their pet of their natural scent for something a bit more pleasant. Before reaching for that commercial shampoo, however, how many have read the ingredients listed on the back?  Commercial Shampoos Top commercial brands boast natural ingredients like baking soda or oatmeal for itchy skin, chamomile for calmness, or jasmine for … Read more

Festivals For Your Dog That You Don’t Want To Miss

Tired of sitting at home with the dog; watching the canine shows on TV, thinking “There’s got to be more for a dog to do than prance around a show ring.” Not sure where to find fun and exciting trips to take with the dog? There are festivals were dogs are welcome and there are festivals where dogs are celebrated! These six festivals around North America should be on every dog enthusiast’s bucket list! Woof-Stock Boasting to be the largest … Read more

The 3 Keys To International Travel With Your Canine

Is going abroad on the bucket list? Afraid to leave your best, four legged companion behind? With the dawn of the 21st century, traveling is easier, information more accessible and forums for advice abound. All it takes is some pre-planning to get the dog’s medical “ducks in a row” and it is off to whichever direction the wind is blowing. 1.  Bring Your Medical Records One of the biggest frustrations (yet the easiest to cross off the list) is ensuring … Read more

Five Tips For A Successful Road Trip With Your Dog

My family loves road trips and we love our dogs. When our beagle mix came to live with us so many years ago, it seemed only natural to take her with us on our many road tripping adventures. We never experienced any problems with other dogs. They loved the open road, new sights, smells, and people. What could possibly go wrong? Since our dog came from a shelter, she came with very little history. We quickly realized she had a few issues. … Read more