How Dog DNA Testing Can Help Your Pup Stay Healthy & Happy

Many people are skeptical about dog DNA testing. Can it really reveal important information about your pup? Is it worth the money? DNA analysis has improved greatly in the last decade. The results can help you anticipate potential health and behavioral issues, giving you the power to keep your BFF healthy, happy and by your side longer! What is involved in dog DNA testing? The first doggy DNA test, the Wisdom Panel, was launched by Mars in 2007 and required … Read more

DNA Test Reunites Littermates Displaced By Hurricane Harvey

DNA testing is all the rage these days. With a simple cheek swab, curious humans can learn all about their own cultural heritage or unlock their beloved mutt’s unique blend of breeds. When two families living nearly 1,000 miles apart submitted DNA tests to Embark Veterinary, they expected to learn the genetic makeup of the rescue pups they adopted in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. They had no idea they would discover their dogs’ long-lost littermate in the process! Ollie was … Read more

Shelter Puppy With Unusually Large Head Sparks DNA Debate

When a litter of four stray puppies arrived at the Humane Society of Silicon Valley (HSSV) in June, the staff instantly noticed that one of the pups was not like the others. While his three littermates bore the characteristics of mini Border Collie mixes, the pooch they named “Bighead” had short, chubby legs like a Basset Hound – and, you guessed it, a very big head! Lauren Gallagher works in the HSSV finance department and has fostered countless dogs for … Read more

Ancient Dog Thought To Be Extinct Is Rediscovered In The Wild

For decades, researchers have feared that the rare New Guinea Highland Wild Dog had gone extinct. In exciting news, a recent expedition to the remote central mountains of the New Guinea Highlands has finally revealed the existence of a healthy, viable population of the dogs living far from any human settlement. The group behind the discovery, the New Guinea Highland Wild Dog Foundation (NGHWDF), captured more than 140 photos of at least 15 individual dogs. The population includes males, females and … Read more

More Shelters Are Removing Breed Labels So Adopters Can Choose With Their Hearts

There’s no such thing as second chances when it comes to first impressions. That’s why it’s vital for shelter dogs to put their best paw forward each time they meet a potential adopter. The latest research has proven that using breed labels hinders a dog’s ability to showcase her true self, and leaves an indelible black mark in the minds of prospective owners. Chloe is hoping for a Home for the Holidays. This girl is fantastic with people and has … Read more

UPDATE: DNA Test Proves Alleged “Wolf Hybrid” Is Just A Dog

Updated: 3/20/2017 The story of Capone – beloved pet to the Abbato family of Colorado for 10 years – has been making worldwide headlines over the past month. This weekend, Capone’s owners won a major battle in the case. DNA results proved what his family and veterinarian have said from the start – Capone is 100% dog!   Despite the vindicating news, the Abbato family will have to wait a few more days to see their dog again. A hearing … Read more

Innocent Service Dog Avoids The “Death Penalty” Thanks To DNA Evidence

It’s a story perfectly suited for Law & Order: Canine Unit. Jeb, a 2-year-old Belgian Malinois, acts as a service dog to an elderly veteran, Kenneth Job. He was accused of killing a neighbor’s dog and sentenced to death by a St. Clair, Michigan judge. The Job family demanded a DNA test of the evidence and after 9 weeks in a tiny cage, Jeb was exonerated. The ordeal began on August 24, 2016, when Christopher Sawa found his 14-pound … Read more

DNA Test Used To Penalize People Who Don’t Pick Up Their Dog’s Poop

There’s nothing worse than accidentally stepping into a smelly pile of dog doo. And what’s more, pooch poop can be really bad for the environment. Still, that doesn’t stop some people from leaving their pup’s poo in the wake of their walk. But one community in West Des Moines, Iowa has created a plan to trace the poop perps: dog DNA testing. All pet residents at the Greenway Square Complex are required to get swabbed for DNA. When a poop … Read more