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Top 9 Pet Insurance Plans For Mutts (2022)

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
For more than five years, Kelli Brinegar has been using her ability to write and her passion for research to tell the tale of what cats are thinking and why. She has provided care to more than 30 cats in her lifetime.Read more
| Published on May 4, 2022
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pet insurance plans for Mutts

Mutts are magical beings made from a little this breed, a dash of that one, and a sprinkling of a few more. Honestly, every Mutt’s makeup is a recipe for perfection! From their doggie smiles to the tip of their waggy tails, Mutts make the best of friends.

And to keep your furry BFF feeling their best, you’ll do anything they need. You feed your pup the best foods, choose the most fun toys, and only buy the comfiest beds. As a responsible dog parent, you also take your dog to annual vet appointments and stay on top of any changes in their health. Happy, healthy, and well-protected—that’s the name of your parent game!

One more way to keep your pup protected is a quality pet insurance plan tailored to your dog’s specific needs. Mutts are typically hearty dogs, but they do experience health problems like cancer, joint issues, obesity-related illnesses, and dental disease. Issues like these not only bring worry over your pup’s health, but they can also cause stress over how to pay high vet bills. Having a pet insurance plan for your mixed-breed dog in place before issues arise can ease financial burdens so you can focus on your dog’s health. To help you find peace of mind and the best pet insurance plan for your Mutt, we’ve created a free and easy-to-use comparison tool to simplify the insurance quest.

Compare The Top 9 Pet Insurance Plans for Your Mutt Using our Free No-Obligation Quote Tool below

The simplest way to compare pet insurance prices is to use our tool below. The comparison tool will show you quotes from the top 9 pet insurance carriers, including Trupanion, Pets Best, Lemonade, ManyPets, FIGO, HealthyPaws, Prudent Pet, Spot, and Embrace pet insurance.

How Much Does Pet Insurance for a Mutt Cost?

Below are some sample pet insurance plans for a 1-year-old male Mutt, or 30lb. mixed-breed dog for example purposes, using the zip code 75001 (Texas) as an example.

Ultimately, your plan’s premium will depend on several factors, including your dog’s age, size, and breed, as well as where you live. You also want to know what type of coverage your plan has and if it will help with Mutt-specific health problems. Let’s get more into those medical conditions and how much you can expect to pay to treat them.

pet insurance for Mutts

Common Health Problems Associated With Mutts

Dental Disease

Dental disease is one of the most common health problems in dogs, especially the medium and smaller sizes. And beyond mouth pain and tooth loss, dental diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis can lead to severe illness. Correcting the problems can require expensive surgeries. But if you stick to preventative care like annual teeth cleanings, you can save your dog the pain of future dental problems.

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Joint Problems

Mutts of mixed breeds can suffer from joint problems brought on by conditions like hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, and arthritis. Each of these common health problems can cause pain and problems with mobility.

  • Hip Dysplasia – Occurs when the ball-and-socket joint in a dog’s hip doesn’t form correctly, leaving the joint to dislocate or the femur head to sit wrong in the socket. Hip dysplasia can eventually lead to pain and decreased mobility.
  • Luxating Patella – Known also as a dislocated kneecap, patellar luxation can be mild to severe. In bad cases, pain can decrease mobility in the affected leg.
  • Arthritis – An inflammation of the joints, arthritis can cause pain and stiffness that increases the more a joint erodes.

Obesity and Diabetes

While being chubby itself won’t put your dog in the vet’s office, complications of obesity, like diabetes, heart disease, and joint problems, can. And because of their bouquet of breed makeups, some Mutts could face a higher risk of diabetes. But keeping your pup trim with diet and exercise could help keep diabetes at bay. If your dog is showing any symptoms of diabetes, make an appointment with the vet as untreated diabetes can lead to poor life quality and eventually death.

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No matter the breed, cancer is one of the leading causes of death in dogs, with one in four dogs likely to be diagnosed with some form of cancer. With every year that passes in your pup’s life, the risk increases as senior dogs are more likely to develop cancer than younger ones. The most common cancers found in dogs are lymphoma, osteosarcoma, mast cell tumors, and hemangiosarcoma.

Typical Costs Of Treating Health Issues In Mutts and How Pet Insurance Can Help

Mutts tend to be happy and healthy dogs, but they can still experience health problems. Illness and emergencies are a fact of life. And caring for ongoing conditions and emergency vet situations can create financial hardships in a hurry. But a small monthly payment for the right pet insurance plan for your mixed-breed dog bestie can save your bank account and give you time to care for your pup without worrying over bills.

Take a look at the costs of treating these common health problems in dogs:

  • Dental Disease Costs: Surgery to extract teeth after dental issues have taken their toll can cost $500 to $800 per tooth, And when coupling that cost with the need to remove more than one tooth plus the price of imaging, you could receive a bill of more than $2,000. While less expensive than extractions and other dental surgeries, the cost to keep dog mouths healthy and clean isn’t cheap either. Canine teeth cleaning procedures average between $500 and $1,000 because anesthesia is necessary to get the best cleaning possible. To offset that yearly cost, look into pet insurance plans with wellness coverage that include cleanings or reduce their cost.
  • Joint Problem Costs: Severe cases of hip dysplasia and luxating patella could require expensive surgery with costs ranging between $2,000 – $7,000. As for treating arthritis, your dog may need oral medications, injections, physical therapy, and possibly even surgery, which can create bills as small as $300 a year for treatment or even as large as $5,000 for surgery and post-care. Treating any of your Mutt’s joint issues can wear away at your bank account, but pet insurance offers financial protection against the high costs of orthopedic problems in dogs by helping with vet bills and prescription medications.
  • Diabetes Costs: If your Mutt develops an obesity complication like diabetes, your pup might need insulin injections. The average cost of insulin prescriptions for a medium-sized dog can range from $500 to almost $2,000 per year, depending on the brand and amount needed. But with the extensive array of choices in pet insurance plans, you can find one that helps cover the cost of prescriptions, allowing you to save on that all-important insulin.
  • Cancer Costs: When cancer is suspected, diagnostic costs for bloodwork, scans, and exploratory surgery can range from $200 to more than $1,500. Once the diagnosis comes, the treatment begins, and costs start mounting with surgery that averages $1,500, radiation prices of $2,000-$6,000, and chemotherapy costs that can climb to $5,000 depending on severity. Additional prescriptions can average $50 monthly, but quality pet insurance plans for mixed-breed dogs will reduce cancer costs significantly.

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What Is Pet Health Insurance, And Why Do I Need It For My Mutt?

Pet health insurance works very similarly to human health insurance. Your policy quote will range in monthly price, depending on your dog’s breed, age, and where you live. Typically, you’ll spend around $15-$60 per month as a pet parent.

Pet insurance is mainly about peace of mind, knowing you won’t be totally overwhelmed in case of an emergency. Enrolling even when your dog is young and healthy will ensure you have plenty of coverage when they need expensive medical care later. If you choose a plan more suited to your dog’s particular breed, you’ll be more prepared when something happens later on in their life.

Some plans cover accidents and illnesses, while others only cover accidents. Certain plans do cover breed-specific illnesses, and others do not. It all depends on what type of coverage you choose. With our free pet insurance comparison tool, you can get quotes from multiple insurance companies with no obligation to commit.

Whatever plan you choose, you’ll feel better knowing you can take care of your dog when they need you most. Plus, you won’t have to suddenly shell out thousands of dollars. Learn more about how pet insurance works here.

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iHeartDogs is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.

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