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11 Best Raw Dog Treats

Written by: Arlene Divina
Arlene Divina, one of the content writers at IHD, loves going on adventures with her adorable fur baby. She now creates informative content for pet parents. Read more
| Published on August 15, 2023
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In the world of canine nutrition, raw dog treats are becoming increasingly popular among pet owners seeking wholesome and natural snack options for their furry friends. These treats are made from uncooked ingredients, often comprising meats, bones, fruits, and vegetables, that mimic a dog’s ancestral diet. Advocates argue that raw treats can help to promote healthier skin, a shinier coat, and improved overall health, due to their lack of preservatives and artificial additives. But with so many options available on the market, how can you choose the best raw treats for your pup? In this article, we will explore the benefits and considerations of raw dog treats and provide guidance on selecting the best options for your beloved canine companion.


#1 – Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Single Ingredient Beef Heart Treats, 3 oz. Bag

Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Single Ingredient Beef Heart Treats are a natural and healthy option for dogs. Made in the USA with one simple ingredient – pure freeze-dried raw beef heart – these treats are perfect for pets with specific dietary needs. Adding raw meat to a dog’s diet can support digestion, dental health, skin and coat, and overall vitality. Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Single Ingredient Treats are a biologically-appropriate choice for any dog.


#2 – Amazon Brand – Wag Freeze-Dried Raw Single Ingredient Dog Treats, Lamb Liver, 3.3oz

The Amazon Brand – Wag Freeze-Dried Raw Single Ingredient Dog Treats in the flavor of Lamb Liver is a 3.3 oz bag of high-quality dog treats. Made with 100% real lamb liver, these treats are gently freeze-dried to retain freshness and flavor. Sourced from New Zealand and Australia, and freeze-dried in the USA, these treats do not contain any added grains, corn, wheat, soy, potato, or egg, and also do not have any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. The resealable pouch ensures that the treats remain fresh for longer periods of time.


#3 – Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Single Ingredient Chicken Hearts Dog Treats, 3 oz. Bag

Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Single Ingredient Chicken Hearts Dog Treats are made in the USA using one simple ingredient: 100% pure freeze-dried raw chicken hearts. These treats are a natural and healthy option for dogs, serving as a high-value reward that is hard for them to resist. They are particularly suitable for pets with food sensitivities and limited ingredient diets. Adding raw ingredients to a dog’s diet can help support various aspects of their overall health, including digestion, teeth and gum health, skin and coat condition, and overall vitality. Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Single Ingredient Treats provide a biologically-appropriate addition to any dog’s diet.


#4 – Instinct Raw Boost Mixers Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food Topper, Grain Free Dog Food Topper with Functional Ingredients 5.5 Ounce (Pack of 1)

Instinct Raw Boost Mixers Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food Topper is a grain-free dog food topper that helps improve skin and coat health. It contains high levels of protein from cage-free chicken, as well as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids from chicken, cod, salmon oil, and chia seeds. The freeze-drying process preserves nutrients and enhances the flavor of the raw ingredients. The product is made in the USA with natural, minimally processed ingredients from around the world, and it is never cooked to ensure the integrity of the nutrients.


#5 – Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Dog Treats, Raw Chicken Hearts Treats for Dogs

The Vital Essentials Freeze Dried Dog Treats are made from responsibly sourced, premium butcher-cut chicken hearts. These freeze-dried treats are packed with protein, providing the necessary nutrients for your dog’s overall vitality. The treats are crafted in the U.S. and are made without any additives, fillers, dyes, or artificial preservatives, making them suitable for picky eaters and dogs with allergies. The protein is frozen within 45 minutes of harvesting and undergoes a slow freeze-dry process to preserve the nutrients, flavor, and freshness of the product.


#6 – Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Treats, Salmon Bites Treats, 2.5 oz

Vital Essentials Freeze Dried Raw Dog Treats are made from responsibly sourced, premium butcher-cut salmon. These treats contain more protein than the industry standard and offer the benefits of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals found in raw muscle and organs. They are proudly crafted in the USA and made without any additives, fillers, artificial preservatives, grains, or by-products. The freeze-drying process used ensures peak freshness and minimal processing, preserving the vital nutrients that dogs need.


#7 – Raw Paws Green Lamb Tripe Sticks for Dogs, 10-Pack – Single Ingredient, Crunchy Green Tripe Lamb Dog Treats – Grass-Fed, Free Range Dehydrated Lamb Tripe for Dogs All Natural Dog Chews

The Raw Paws Green Lamb Tripe Sticks for Dogs are a natural and healthy treat option for dogs. The lamb tripe used in these sticks is sourced from antibiotic and hormone-free flocks, ensuring the highest quality. These chews not only satisfy a dog’s instinctual need to chew but also support dental and mental health by cleaning teeth and gums and reducing stress. Additionally, these tripe sticks are suitable for both puppies and senior dogs. The product comes with a satisfaction guarantee, providing peace of mind to customers.


#8 – Northwest Naturals Raw Rewards Freeze-Dried Treats for Dogs and Cats – Salmon – Gluten-Free Pet Food – 2.5 Oz.

Northwest Naturals Raw Rewards Freeze-Dried Treats for Dogs and Cats are all-natural, grain-free, and gluten-free snacks that are perfect for training or as a treat. Made with real protein-rich salmon, these chewy treats are filled with natural ingredients and do not contain added hormones or antibiotics. Made in the USA, Northwest Naturals offers a range of pet food and snacks that prioritize the health and satisfaction of your pets.


#9 -Instinct Freeze Dried Raw Boost Mixers Grain-Free Gut Health All Natural Dog Food Topper, 5.5 Ounce (Pack of 1)

Instinct Freeze Dried Raw Boost Mixers Grain-Free Gut Health All Natural Dog Food Topper is a freeze-dried raw dog food topper that promotes gut health. It is made with responsibly sourced cage-free chicken as the main ingredient, along with other natural and functional ingredients such as pumpkin, sweet potato, chicory root, apple cider vinegar, and probiotics. This grain free dog food mixer is made without artificial colors or preservatives and is suitable for picky dogs and puppies. It is never cooked, preserving the integrity of the ingredients and their nutrients.


#10 – Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Wild Weenies Dog Treats – All-Natural, Protein Rich, Grain Free Dog & Puppy Treat – Great for Training & Rewarding – Grass-Fed Beef Recipe – 3.25 oz Bag

Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Wild Weenies Dog Treats are a protein-rich and grain-free option to train or reward your dog. Made with 97% beef and organs, such as beef liver, these treats have an irresistible taste that dogs love. They provide a high protein formula, with one serving offering between 37-40% of a dog’s daily recommended protein intake. Additionally, these treats support whole body health, helping to improve digestion, teeth and gum health, skin and coat, and overall vitality.


#11 – Raw Paws Freeze Dried Chicken Breast for Dogs & Cats, 4-oz – Made in the USA – Natural Chicken Dog Treats, Cat Real Chicken Treats – Large, Small Dog Treats Chicken Training Treats, Dry Chicken Cat Treats

The Raw Paws Freeze Dried Chicken Breast for Dogs & Cats is a natural, USA-made treat for pets. The treats are made from free-range chicken without any added hormones, fillers, or preservatives. The freeze-drying process locks in nutrition and flavor, making these treats a convenient and mess-free way to provide pets with the benefits of raw meat. They are suitable for pets with allergies, diabetes, or digestive issues, and can be used as training treats or food toppers. The brand offers a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring customer satisfaction.


What Are The Benefits of Raw Dog Treats?

Raw dog treats can offer several benefits to your furry friend, reflecting the advantages often associated with a raw diet for dogs. Below are some of the key benefits of raw dog treats:

  1. Natural Nutrition: Raw dog treats are typically made from unprocessed and whole-food ingredients, which can be more easily digested and better utilized by a dog’s body. They generally lack artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors.
  2. Dental Health: Many raw treats, such as bones and dehydrated meat chews, can help to naturally clean a dog’s teeth and gums, reducing plaque and tartar buildup, and promoting overall dental health.
  3. Skin and Coat Health: Raw treats often contain natural oils and fats that can help to improve a dog’s skin and coat. They can promote a shinier coat and healthier, less irritated skin.
  4. Hypoallergenic Options: For dogs with sensitivities or allergies to certain ingredients commonly found in commercial treats, raw treats, especially single-ingredient options, can often be a great alternative.
  5. Weight Management: Raw treats tend to be more nutrient-dense and less calorie-laden than many processed treats, making them a good option for dogs that need to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.
  6. Enhanced Palatability: Many dogs find raw treats to be especially delicious and engaging. This can be beneficial for picky eaters or as a special reward for training.
  7. Minimal Processing: Raw treats are typically less processed than their cooked or heavily processed counterparts. This minimal processing can help to preserve the integrity of the nutrients in the treat.
  8. Promotion of Natural Behaviors: Chewing is a natural behavior for dogs, and raw treats like bones or meaty chews can help satisfy this instinct in a safe and healthy way.

While raw dog treats can offer various benefits, it is important to approach them with care. They should be used as a complement to a balanced diet and not as a replacement for complete and balanced meals. Always consult with your veterinarian before introducing a new type of treat, especially raw, into your dog’s diet, as there can be risks associated with bacterial contamination or choking hazards. Proper handling and hygiene are also essential when dealing with raw products.


Frequently Asked Questions About Raw Dog Treats

  1. Are raw dog treats safe for my pet?
    • Raw dog treats, like raw dog food, can be safe if handled and sourced carefully. However, they can pose a risk of bacterial contamination, such as Salmonella or E. coli. It is important to source raw treats from reputable companies that prioritize safety and quality. Always supervise your dog when they are consuming these treats and follow proper handling and storage instructions.
  2. Can raw treats improve my dog’s dental health?
    • Yes, many raw dog treats, especially bones and dehydrated chews, can help promote dental health by reducing plaque and tartar buildup through the natural chewing action. However, it’s important to choose treats that are appropriate for your dog’s size and chewing style to prevent choking or broken teeth.
  3. How should I store raw dog treats?
    • Raw dog treats should be stored in a cool and dry place. Some may require refrigeration or freezing to ensure they stay fresh and safe for consumption. Always read and follow the storage instructions on the packaging.
  4. Are raw dog treats suitable for puppies?
    • Some raw dog treats can be suitable for puppies, but it’s essential to choose ones that are appropriate for a puppy’s size and stage of development. Consult your vet before introducing raw treats to ensure they are safe and nutritionally appropriate for your growing dog.
  5. Can raw treats cause digestive upset?
    • Some dogs might experience digestive upset, such as diarrhea or vomiting, when first introduced to raw treats. It is essential to introduce any new treats slowly and monitor your dog’s reaction. Consult your vet if the problem persists.
  6. Are raw dog treats hypoallergenic?
    • Many raw dog treats are made with single or limited ingredients, which can be beneficial for dogs with allergies or sensitivities. However, not all raw treats are hypoallergenic, so it’s important to read the ingredients and consult with a vet.
  7. How often can I give my dog raw treats?
    • Raw dog treats should be given in moderation and should not make up a large part of your dog’s diet. Treats, in general, should make up no more than 10% of your dog’s daily caloric intake.
  8. Can raw treats help with my dog’s coat and skin?
    • Yes, many raw treats are rich in natural fats and oils that can contribute to a shiny, healthy coat and improved skin condition. Always consult with a vet before making significant changes to your dog’s diet.
  9. Are bones safe as raw dog treats?
    • Bones can be a part of raw dog treats but must be given with caution. They can pose a choking hazard, or splinter and cause internal damage. Always supervise your dog with bone treats and consult your vet about appropriate options.
  10. What should I look for in a reputable raw dog treat brand?
  • Look for brands that prioritize high-quality, responsibly sourced ingredients and that have transparent and stringent safety and quality control protocols. It’s beneficial to seek out brands that are recommended by veterinarians and have positive, verified reviews from other pet owners.


Conclusion: Best Raw Dog Treats

Selecting the best raw dog treats is an important decision that requires careful consideration of your dog’s specific health needs, lifestyle, and taste preferences. The options are vast, from dehydrated organ meats to frozen raw bones, and each comes with its own set of nutritional benefits. It’s vital to choose treats from reputable brands that prioritize quality and safety in their ingredients and processing methods. Before making any drastic changes to your pet’s diet, including introducing raw treats, it is always wise to consult with a veterinary professional. They can guide you on the best approach to integrating these treats into your dog’s diet while ensuring that his nutritional needs are met and his health remains in optimal condition.

iHeartDogs is reader supported. Some of the links below may be paid affiliate links, where we receive a small commission on a product at no additional cost to you. 

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