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10 Best Vegan Dog Treats

Written by: Arlene Divina
Arlene Divina, one of the content writers at IHD, loves going on adventures with her adorable fur baby. She now creates informative content for pet parents. Read more
| Published on August 8, 2023
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As pet owners become increasingly conscious about their own dietary choices, many are looking to extend their principles to the diets of their furry companions. Vegan dog treats, free from animal products, offer an alternative that’s not only ethically sourced but can also come packed with a plethora of health benefits. Dive into this article to discover some of the best vegan dog treats on the market today, and why they might just be the perfect choice for your canine companion.


#1 – Halo Garden of Vegan Dog Treats, Training Treats for Dogs, Peanut N’ Pumpkin 8oz Bag

Halo Garden of Vegan Dog Treats is a completely plant-based option for dog owners looking to provide their pets with a protein-rich and nutritionally balanced snack. The treats are grain-free and low in calories, using ingredients like chickpeas, ground peas, apples, and other fruits and vegetables. They can be used for training and rewarding purposes, as the blend of peanuts and pumpkins gives them a delicious flavor and the crunchy texture makes them suitable for all sizes and ages of dogs. Additionally, Halo ensures sustainability by avoiding factory farming, artificial ingredients, and preservatives, and using non-GMO fruits and vegetables.


#2 – V-Planet Kind Jerky – 100% Vegan Jerky Dog Treats – Plant-Based Protein and Superfoods – 8 Ounce – All Natural – Made in The USA

V-Planet Kind Jerky is a 100% vegan jerky dog treat that is made in the USA. These treats are made with plant-based protein and superfoods, providing a healthy option for dogs. They are free from fillers, animal products, and other artificial ingredients. These treats are suitable for training or as a daily reward for dogs of all sizes. V-Planet Kind Jerky has been tested and approved for its quality and environmental impact.


#3 – Bright Planet Pet | Plant-Based Vegan Dog Treats – 12oz | Sustainable Natural Clean Label Hypoallergenic Allergy-Friendly | Low-Calorie Soft Veggie Dog Treats | Made in USA (Better Brat)

The Bright Planet Pet Better Brat plant-based vegan dog treats are a sustainable and natural option for dog owners looking to provide their pets with a healthy and allergen-friendly treat. Made with ingredients such as chickpea flour, brown rice, and sweet potato, these soft and chewy treats are suitable for dogs of all sizes and ages. Additionally, with each purchase, a donation is made to plant a tree, making these treats not only good for dogs but also for the environment.


#4 – Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Adult Dry Dog Food with Vegan Plant-Based Protein and Healthy Grains, Vegetarian Recipe, 4 Pound (Pack of 1)

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Adult Dry Dog Food with Vegan Plant-Based Protein and Healthy Grains is a vegetarian and vegan recipe that provides essential nutrients for dogs while maintaining a meat-free home. It is formulated to support a healthy coat, skin, and digestive system, and does not contain added soy, gluten, or artificial colors or flavors. Suitable for all types of dogs, this dog food is tested for safety and transparency through Natural Balance’s ‘Feed with Confidence’ program.


#5 – Coconut Bacon Bones, Hickory Smoked Gourmet Organic and Vegan Dog Treats – Gluten Free, Grain Free…

Coconut Bacon Bones are a gourmet, organic, and vegan dog treat that is made in the USA. These treats are gluten-free, and grain-free, and do not contain any palm oil, grain, gluten, corn, or soy. The ingredients used are organic and include coconut flour, garbanzo flour, coconut milk, peanut butter, sprouted buckwheat, beets, apple, turmeric powder, and hickory smoke powder. These plant-based biscuits are made by individuals with disabilities and do not contain any hidden ingredients such as added salt, sugar, or oil. They are colorful, free from chemicals and unnatural preservatives, and suitable for dogs with allergies and food sensitivities.


#6 – V-dog Dog Treats – Vegan Breathbone Teeth Cleaning Dental Dog Bones – Fresh Breath – 8 Ounces – All Natural – Made in USA – 6 Bones – 4″ Long – Easy to Digest

The V-dog Dog Treats are vegan dental dog bones that are designed to clean your dog’s teeth and freshen their breath. Made with plant-powered ingredients such as sweet potato, cinnamon, chia seeds, broccoli, and parsley, these treats are easy to digest and provide balanced nutrition for adult dogs. They are also allergy-friendly as they do not contain soy, corn, wheat, or animal products, making them suitable for sensitive pups. Overall, these treats aim to improve dental health and provide stink-free breath for your furry friend.


#7 – Bright Planet Pet | Better BBQ Chicken Plant-Based Vegan Dog Treats – 6oz | Sustainable Natural Clean Label Hypoallergenic Allergy-Friendly | Low-Calorie Soft Veggie Dog Treats | Made in USA

Bright Planet Pet offers Better BBQ Chicken plant-based vegan dog treats that are suitable for dogs of all sizes and ages. These soft and chewy treats are made from sustainable ingredients including chickpea flour, brown rice, and sweet potato. In addition to being vegan, the treats are also free from corn, soy, wheat, peas, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. With each purchase, Bright Planet Pet donates to plant a tree and the treats are proudly made in the USA under strict food safety and quality guidelines.


#8 – BRUTUS & BARNABY Training Treats for Dogs – Peanut Butter & Banana – All-Natural Healthy Low-Calorie Vegan Treat – Great to Use for Rewards in Training Your Puppy Or Dog

The BRUTUS & BARNABY Training Treats for Dogs is an all-natural, healthy, and low-calorie option for rewarding your puppy or dog during training. The peanut butter and banana flavor, which dogs love, helps to capture their attention and keep them engaged in their training sessions. These treats are also compatible with treat dispensers like the Furbo, making them a convenient option for training on the go. Additionally, they are made with real ingredients and do not contain artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. The company also offers a quality guarantee, promising to take back the treats if customers are dissatisfied.


#9 – Davie’s Sweet Potato Dog Treats, Made in The USA, High in Fiber, Grain Free, Vegan, No Preservatives, Vegetarian Alternative to Rawhide Chews, Rich in Vitamins, Large 1 lb. Bag

Davie’s Sweet Potato Dog Treats are a nutritious and guilt-free option for dog owners. Made from 100% all-natural sweet potatoes, these treats are a vegetarian alternative to rawhide chews and are free from preservatives and additives. Additionally, these treats are high in fiber and rich in vitamins, making them a healthy option for maintaining a balanced diet. Proudly made in the USA, each sweet potato used in the treats is grown on a family farm in North Carolina, ensuring the freshness and quality of each treat.


#10 – Polkadog Peanut Butter Wonder Nuggets Dog Treats – Vegan, All-Natural Pet Training Treat for Dogs – Healthy, Handmade Puppy Snacks – Bite-Sized, Soft, Chewy Treats for Pets – 12 oz.

The Polkadog Peanut Butter Wonder Nuggets Dog Treats is a vegan and all-natural option for pet training. These healthy treats are handmade in small batches on the Boston Fish Pier, ensuring quality and freshness. They are bite-sized, soft, and chewy, making them a convenient and tasty option for rewarding and training pets.


What Should I Consider When Buying Vegan Dog Treats?

Certainly! When buying vegan dog treats, it’s essential to ensure that they provide a healthy alternative to traditional treats and that they align with your pet’s nutritional needs. Here are some considerations:

  1. Nutritional Content: First and foremost, check the treat’s nutritional profile. While vegan treats are plant-based, they should still provide adequate protein, vitamins, and minerals that benefit your dog.
  2. Ingredient Quality: Just as with any dog treat or food, opt for products that list whole, recognizable ingredients at the top. Avoid treats with excessive fillers, artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors.
  3. Allergens and Sensitivities: While vegan treats eliminate certain common allergens like chicken or beef, they might introduce others, such as soy or certain grains. If your dog has known sensitivities, read ingredient lists thoroughly.
  4. Taste and Palatability: Not all dogs will automatically love vegan treats, so it might take some experimentation to find flavors and textures your dog enjoys.
  5. Brand Reputation: Look for brands known for producing high-quality, trustworthy products. Reviews from other pet owners can be invaluable in this regard.
  6. Caloric Content: Treats, whether vegan or not, are still extras in your dog’s diet. Ensure you’re aware of the caloric content and adjust your dog’s overall intake accordingly to prevent overfeeding.
  7. Ethical Considerations: If you’re choosing vegan for ethical reasons, research the brand’s sourcing and manufacturing practices to ensure they align with your values.
  8. Digestibility: Ensure that the vegan treat is easily digestible. Some plant-based ingredients can be harder for dogs to digest than others.
  9. Purpose of the Treat: Are you looking for a training treat, a dental chew, or just a general snack? The purpose can influence the size, shape, and even the ingredients you’d prefer.
  10. Price and Availability: Finally, consider your budget and how easily you can purchase these treats regularly. Some specialty vegan treats might be pricier or harder to find than traditional ones.

In conclusion, while vegan dog treats can be an excellent choice for many dogs, it’s essential to approach the selection process with care and attention to detail. Always prioritize your dog’s health and well-being when making any dietary decisions.


Frequently Asked Questions About Vegan Dog Treats

  1. Are vegan dog treats nutritionally adequate for my dog? Vegan dog treats can be nutritionally adequate if formulated correctly. However, they should be given as a supplement to a balanced diet, not a primary food source. Always check for treats that provide a good range of essential nutrients.
  2. Why would someone choose vegan treats over meat-based ones? People choose vegan dog treats for various reasons, including ethical beliefs, environmental concerns, or to avoid allergens commonly found in meat-based treats.
  3. Can dogs be allergic to vegan treats? Yes, dogs can be allergic or sensitive to any ingredient, whether it’s animal or plant-based. Always monitor your dog for any adverse reactions when introducing a new treat.
  4. How can I ensure the vegan treats I buy are of high quality? Look for recognizable whole ingredients on the label, avoid artificial additives, and consider brands with good reputations or those that undergo third-party testing.
  5. Will vegan treats help reduce my dog’s carbon pawprint? Producing plant-based treats typically requires fewer resources than meat-based ones. Choosing vegan treats can be a more environmentally-friendly option.
  6. Do vegan treats have a shorter shelf life? Not necessarily. The shelf life depends on the ingredients and preservatives used. Always check the expiration date before feeding.
  7. Can I make vegan dog treats at home? Absolutely! There are many recipes available online. Ensure the ingredients are safe for dogs and provide a balanced treat.
  8. Are vegan treats suitable for all dog breeds and ages? Most vegan treats can be given to any breed or age. However, always consider the treat’s size and hardness, especially for puppies or smaller breeds.
  9. How often can I give my dog vegan treats? Treats, whether vegan or not, should make up no more than 10% of your dog’s daily caloric intake. Always factor in treats when determining their overall diet.
  10. Can vegan dog treats help with specific health issues? Some vegan treats might benefit dogs with certain health problems, like meat allergies. However, always consult with a veterinarian before using treats as a remedy for health issues.

Remember, while vegan dog treats can be a great choice for many reasons, it’s essential to ensure they fit into a balanced diet for your canine companion.

Conclusion: Best Vegan Dog Treats

The landscape of pet nutrition is evolving, reflecting the broader changes in our societal approach to food and ethics. Vegan dog treats provide a sustainable and compassionate option for treating your dog without compromising on taste or nutritional value. As always, when introducing new treats into your dog’s diet, it’s essential to monitor for any allergies or sensitivities. With the right choices, you can ensure your dog enjoys a treat that aligns with your values and supports their overall health and well-being.

iHeartDogs is reader supported. Some of the links below may be paid affiliate links, where we receive a small commission on a product at no additional cost to you. 

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