Best Cranberry Supplement For Dogs

Cranberries are a wonderful food with many health benefits including lowering risk of urinary tract infections, improved immune function, decreasing blood pressure and even helping prevent certain types of cancer. In addition, a half cup only contains 25 calories! Sounds great doesn’t it? So next time you are at your vet’s, ask if your dog would benefit from having a bit of cranberry added to their diet. They can tell you how much your dog should get a day. Here are several options to discuss when it comes to how to add the amazing cranberry to your dog’s diet.

#1 – Cranberry Comfort Soft Chews

Ask your vet about these chews, which have all kinds of good supplements, including cranberry.

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#2 –  Cranberry Wellness Powder

If you have a “suspicious” dog that won’t take pills or soft chews, try this powder that you can mix into wet food.

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#3 – Cranhealth

These supplements have glucosamine, making them good for older dogs that may suffer from join discomfort as well. They come in a chew and a hard tablet.

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#4 –  Fruitables Pumpkin & Cranberry Treats

These treats are perfect for everyday training and fun, while giving your dog the goodness of pumpkin and cranberry. My pups personally love these!

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#5 – Plato Pet Treats EOS Turkey and Cranberry

Your dog can have Thanksgiving every day with these yummy treats that provide cranberry, pumpkin, vitamins and minerals, while giving your dog a yummy treat.

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This is a scientifically formulated cranberry extract supplement for your dog. Talk to your vet about getting it prescribed to help lower the risk of UTIs.  

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#7 – Cranimals

Made from certified organic cranberries, this supplement is another great choice for dogs that suffer from chronic UTIs. Talk to your vet about this supplement as well!

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#8 – Grandma Lucy’s Organic Cranberry Dog Treats

These treats are 100% USDA organic and made from human-grade ingredients. They are a perfect treat to add just a touch of cranberry to your dog’s diet.

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#9 – PalaTech Cranberry Plus

These pills contain cranberry combined with several other ingredients that are meant to boost the immune system and reduce risk of infections, including UTIs. Another good one to ask your vet about.



#10 – Vetoquinol Paxon Urinary Tract Health Chewable

This tablet is all cranberry – at least 30mg per tablet – so it’s a good one to ask your vet about if they believe your dog could benefit for a larger dose of cranberry.

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Is Cranberry Actually Good For Dogs?

Yes, cranberry supplements and powders can be a great way to keep you pup happy and healthy. Ask your vet if your dog would benefit.

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