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100% Pure Freeze Dried Chicken Breast Treat VALUE Pack: Treat Your Dog, Treat a Shelter Dog!


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Our Dogs Simply Deserve The Best

Like you, we care immensely about what goes into our dogs' bodies. Over the years, we've been frustrated at the lack of wholesome treat options available in pet stores. Most treats are more like “candy for dogs”, packed with junk fat, grains, sweeteners, fillers, and preservatives.

Our goal with Project Paws™ is to create the line of dog treats like nature intended: pure, unadulterated raw, freeze dried meat, the food your dog was designed to eat.

Many dog treats on the market are dehydrated, which tends to destroy the valuable nutrients of the meat. Our freeze drying process preserves the raw qualities of the meat, ensuring maximum nutrition.

What Sets Our Raw Freeze Dried Treats Apart


  • Feel even better about giving treats to your dog! Your purchase will also provide 14 healthy meals for shelter dogs.
  • This 8 oz. freeze dried pack is equivalent to 32 oz. (2 pounds!) of meat before freeze drying.
  • Project Paws contains 100% raw, freeze dried meat, giving you great value per ounce of protein. Other raw freeze dried treats can be packed with grains and fillers.
  • Makes a great food topper! Get your dog excited about their everyday food with wholesome, protein packed nutrients from raw meat.
  • Notes: Your dog should not receive more than 10-15% of their daily calories from treats. Please wash hands after dispensing treats, and please keep fresh water available for your dog at all times. Store freeze-dried products in a cool, dry and dark place. Best if fed within 30 days after opening.

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Ships from Florida and arrives within 10 business days (USA) or 4-5 weeks (Outside USA).
This product feeds 14 shelter dogs! Learn More

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great to add to his food dish By: Gary


My lab, Joy, loves the freeze dried chicken. By: Jeremy


No Comment By: ashley


No Comment By: Rosemary


No Comment By: kelsey

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