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3 Signs Your Doberman is Overweight


While most Dobermans have svelte bodies, this is a breed that can definitely pack on the pounds. Older Dobies especially seem to have trouble with weight gain. They stop running around as much, preferring to lounge on the couch. But if you are still feeding them the same amount of food, they can easily become obese. Obesity leads to all kinds of health problems, so it’s good to notice as soon as you think your Dobie is getting a bit thick around the middle. If you do see weight gain, take her to the vet to make sure there are no underlying medical causes and then work out a plan to shed those pounds. First, you need to know how to tell if she has gotten too pudgy. Here are three signs your Doberman is overweight.

Image Source: Petra Bensted Via Flickr

#1 – No Definition

Your Doberman should have an athletic build. They have a nice sized rib cage that tucks up very noticeably to a small waist at their hips. If you can’t feel those ribs or tell where his rib cage ends and his hips begin, it’s probably time to diet. Dr. Sophia Yin’s website has a great, easy to follow guide for checking this.

#2 – Unable To Reach That Itch

Does your Doberman try to scratch his ear and just can’t reach? Or maybe he has a hard time biting himself. She should be able to groom herself without a struggle. If they are overly round, grooming becomes impossible. If that’s the case with your Dobie, it’s time to diet.

#3 – Easily Overexerted

Do you walk a few steps and your Doberman is already panting and wanting to stop? Barring hot weather, this is a sign that he is out of shape and probably overweight. It’s time to talk to the vet about a diet and exercise regimen that will slowly get him back on track. Be careful about pushing your Doberman to exercise more than their body can handle – that can cause problems too – so work with your vet.

Written by Kristina Lotz

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