3 Signs Your Rottweiler Is Overweight

While Rottweilers typically very active and burn energy fairly easily, they can definitely become overweight. In the United Kingdom, there are have been several Rottweilers in the news for obesity, including one Rottweiler taken into the PDSA Pet Aid Hospital that weighed over 150 pounds. Unsure if your Rottie could stand to lose a few pounds? The following are 3 signs your Rottweiler is overweight.

Image Source: Arne List Via Flickr
Image Source: Arne List Via Flickr

#1 – No Definition

Rottweilers should have a definite body shape. This includes a large chest and rib cage that slims down to a “waist” where his hips are. If your Rottie doesn’t have a waist, he is carrying around a couple extra pounds. Dr. Sophia Yin’s website has a great, easy to follow guide for checking this.

#2 – Hard Time Grooming Herself

Have you noticed that your Rottie is having a hard time licking or scratching herself? Being overly round can make it impossible for a dog to reach spots they should physically be able to for cleaning and scratching. If you’ve noticed your Rottie having trouble, it’s time to start a diet plan.

#3 – Trouble Getting Around

An overweight Rottweiler is not going to have the dexterity and athleticism the breed is known to possess. If your Rottie is having trouble getting on the couch, up and down the stairs, or has to stop and rest each block of your walk, she is definitely out of shape and probably overweight. This means that it’s time to see a vet and get your Rottie on a diet and exercise regime.

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