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Is My Pomeranian Overweight Or Obese?

| Published on December 22, 2016

Often we express our love for our Pomeranians through food and lots of cuddle time on our laps. These things are great, but this kind of love can lead to pudgy Poms, who will be more likely to develop health problems and can even have a shorter lifespan. Vets recommend limiting those treats to just 10 percent of your dog’s diet. With all that fur, it can be hard to tell if your Pom has gained some extra weight. If you aren’t sure, look for these 3 signs your Pomeranian is overweight.

How Much Should Pomeranian Weigh?

3 to 7 Lbs

Image Source: Corey Bere Via Flickr
Image Source: Corey Bere Via Flickr

#1 – No Definition

Pomeranians are a square, stout breed, especially if you stand them next to a naturally slender dog, like a Greyhound. However, they should still have a shape under all that fur! Feel your Pom from the chest and back to his tail. He should have a chest, round rib cage (you should be able to feel those ribs, just a bit!), and then he should slim to a waist where his hips are. If you can’t tell where his rib cage starts and ends, he is probably carrying an extra pound or two. Dr. Sophia Yin’s website has a great, easy-to-follow guide for checking this.

#2 – Easily Overexerted

Do you walk a few steps and your Pom is already panting and wanting to stop? Barring hot weather, this is a sign that your Pom is out of shape and probably overweight. It’s time to talk to the vet about a diet and exercise regimen that will slowly get him back on track. Be careful about pushing them to exercise more than their bodies can handle – that can cause problems too – so work with your vet.

#3 – Unable To Groom Herself

Is your Pom struggling to lick her own coat or scratch her ears? Being overly round can make it hard for your Pom to properly groom herself. This is a sign that she is overweight and you need to start a diet and exercise plan with your vet right away.

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